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Industry leader! SIGLEN passenger elevator pioneered the "elevator active safety system", which makes passengers more at ease and lifts safer!

At present, with the rapid development of economy, the significant improvement of urbanization level and the widespread popularization of transportation infrastructure, China has not only become the g

SIGLEN Elevator Live || "elevator guardian" to take you to reveal the whole process of SIGLEN elevator maintenance service!

While the market for new elevators is growing, some elevators are getting older. China's elevator use frequency is high, an elevator a day's operation frequency often reached thousands of times, eleva

China elevator magazine was invited to interview on SIGLEN elevator at | 2020 China international elevator exhibition

China International Elevator Expo 2020, officially opened on August 18, is a global elevator industry connection, is a high quality, high level show the world's elevator industry prosperity of the int

In | 2020 China international elevator exhibition, SIGLEN elevator was once again awarded the honorary title of "elevator enterprise market quality credit A and other user satisfaction enterprises"!

Sponsored by the construction industry productivity promotion center, mechanization research branch of China architectural scientific research institute co., LTD and undertaken by China elevator magaz

SIGLEN elevator safety by ladder science into Chaozhou!

SIGLEN elevator safety service wanli, aimed to take the initiative to pass the safety elevator knowledge to thousands of families, for several years the pace of the team has never stopped. This time,

"Old building plus ladder" sharing session, teach you how to avoid the pit!

Adhering to the core values of co-construction, sharing and win-win, SIGLEN Elevator Business School has opened a new form and its first online sharing meeting has been officially launched. As the fir

Welcome to the first stop of the industrial research tour -- SIGLEN Elevator, Full dry goods for you to send!

In the presence of a number of guests and leaders, The Star Research institute of Sanshui Park industry in Fogao District SIGLEN elevator branch was officially established on June 30. Since its establ

SIGLEN Elevator was invited to attend the opening ceremony of "Dream Home Practice Base

On July 16, Leping town dream home practice base was formally established, SIGLEN elevator was invited to attend the opening ceremony.
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