Engineering installation

Failure to install in strict accordance with the standard is one of the causes of elevator failure


Internal training

The installation personnel shall pass the internal training and assessment for 3 months strictly To work with a certificate


High standard

SIGLEN elevator installation strictly follows the national installation standards and the world's highest standards.
Each elevator installation is completed, first of all, it will go through the very strict quality inspection and testing inside the general motors After meeting the standard, it will be delivered to users

SIGLEN elevator installation engineering center is responsible for on-site installation and quality management, providing technical support to ensure that the elevator has a good effect in the operation process, and hand over the high-quality elevator to the maintenance department with the government's acceptance.
Complete the installation and commissioning of elevator, coordinate the whole process of elevator installation, control the quality and safety of elevator installation, ensure the realization of various service functions and technical indicators of elevator products, provide all-round technical support for customers, and lay a good foundation for elevator operation and maintenance.
In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the installation work, SIGLEN defined the site necessary conditions for the installation of elevators and escalators.
When the construction site has these conditions, we can complete the installation work safely, quickly and with high quality, and at the same time, we can guarantee your construction progress.



1. Before installation, the elevator shaft should be clean and dry, and proper height and strong guardrail should be set at the entrance of the hall
2. Reserve shaft holes according to the layout plan
3. Provide machine room hook, shaft hook and lockable door and window according to layout plan
4. Provide power supply and lighting power supply that meet the requirements
5. Provide warehouse and unobstructed transportation access near the elevator shaft on the ground floor of the building


1. The dimensions of civil engineering meet the requirements of layout plan
2. Qualified safety guardrail shall be set at the opening of civil engineering
3. The pre-determined lightering and hoisting channels are unobstructed
4. Effective field equipment protection measures
5. The working and storage space is clean and dry, free from weather
6. Provide formal three-phase power supply during commissioning and test run


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