Active safety elevator expert

More active can be safer

On the basis of safety, SIGLEN further proposed the concept of active safety and built a complete active safety system. Combining the three major safety components, focusing on the research and development of active preventive safety technology, taking thor- ough consideration in advance, and proactive service to become an active safety ele- vator expert.

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    The maximum speed of the elevator can reach 8m/s

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    We have 67 patented technologies


Easygo Smart Relief System

Intelligently judge the possibility of elevator operation failure. When the elevator fails or encounters a power outage and cannot run, the system automatically switches and takes over the main control system.
Without the assistance of any maintenance personnel and rescue personnel, the car moves to the nearest floor.


Prevent accidental movement of the car

It can effectively detect the movement of the elevator leaving the landing without instructions in the unlocking zone and door open state, and can effectively stop the unexpected movement of the elevator.

Self-monitoring of brake force

The brake shoe wear caused by the long-term use of the elevator brake will cause its braking force to drop, and the system will detect its braking force according to the "stan- dard" in a timely manner and give an alam.


IoT security


Through the remote service platform of the Internet of Things, the elevator operation status is monitored throug out the entire process. If there is an early warning of the safety status, the mainten ance personnel will be notified as soon as possible to prevent accidents.


Customization ability of ultra-small elevator shaft

Flexible and free computer room settings,
effectively improving the utilization of building space

The hoistway size of an elevator can only be 1000mm*1150mm? No kidding, Siglen Elevator can tailor it for you! The bottom pit of the organic room can be more than 1200mm, and the size of the machine-less room can be more than 1 300mm. The smaller the bottom pit, it does not take up space in SIGLEN.

SIGLEN inclined elevator with patented technology

Have patented technology, unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign customers


As a new type of special elevator, the oblique elevator is not widely used in China, but it has been developed abroad for more than ten years. The oblique elevator SUC-cessfully developed by the R&D center of SIGLEN Elevator. The first batch of 4 units have been installed in the "Peace Pyramid" in Kazakhstan, and the operation effect is good. The team sent by the presidential palace has checked and accepted all as- pects of the elevator and has been unanimously recognized.

SIGLEN Aluminum Frame Villa Elevator

Give you a better choice to make your home more comfortable

At present, SIGLEN Elevator has also introduced a flexible aluminum frame vlla elevator with civil construction, personalized design, so that the elevator can be integrated into the overall style of the villa itself.



No need to reserve shaft Machine Room


Free choice of installation location


Independent glass cabinet design


No increase in construction costs


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