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SIGLEN activity | SIGLEN elevator safety by ladder science action again!

On July 18, 2020, after the first activity of Nanhai District Denghu Community, at the invitation of Foshan Special Association, SIGLEN Elevator cooperated to plan and hold another public welfare publicity activity of safe elevator into the community.
The community public welfare propaganda activities sponsored by the foshan market supervision and administration, foshan association of special equipment to undertake, to "increase security by ladder consciousness, to guarantee safety of life" as the theme, aims to improve and awaken people's awareness to safety by ladder, popularize knowledge of civilization by ladder, reduce the elevator accidents, to ensure the safety of the elevator use. The activity was conducted in the Anti-drug theme park of Zumiao Street, Tangyuan West First Street, Chancheng District, Foshan city.
1- Promotion of ladder safety knowledge
The content and forms of this activity are very diverse, attracting a large number of people to participate in the Tangyuan community. SIGLEN elevator specially set up some interesting interactive games, through the distribution of beautiful small gifts, learning in the fun, to the crowd on the site to popularize the use of safety knowledge of the elevator, the atmosphere is very active.
2- Free consultation by experts
During the activity, SIGLEN elevator also set up a consulting station, in which experts were arranged to provide free professional consulting services for the masses on the basic principles of the popular science elevator, escalator rules, the process of adding elevators to old buildings, and the structure of the entrance. Residents came to consult an endless stream, experts also patiently for everyone to answer one by one.
3- Check the operation of the elevator
After the end of the publicity activity, SIGLEN maintenance experts and related personnel went to Tangyuan community to conduct a professional inspection of the elevator based on the elevator maintenance files and the operation of the elevator, and then issued a professional proposal for elevator maintenance to ensure the safety of the elevator operation.
With the quickening pace of urban construction, elevator has become an indispensable means of transportation in urban life. As one of the special equipment commonly used in daily life, it is also an important topic for everyone to pay attention to elevator safety. To strengthen their own ladder safety knowledge not only care about the temporary outside can give self-help, but also to a certain extent to avoid the occurrence of accidents.
It is urgent to pay attention to elevator safety. In the future, SIGLEN Elevator will continue to play the role of "active safety elevator expert" and the social value of the enterprise, actively promote elevator safety knowledge to the public, go to more different communities, in order to strengthen people's attention to elevator safety out of a force!



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