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SIGLEN Elevator was invited to attend the opening ceremony of "Dream Home Practice Base

On July 16, Leping town dream home practice base was formally established, SIGLEN elevator was invited to attend the opening ceremony.
In order to improve the basic vocational skills of disabled people in the community, increase their employment opportunities, support disabled people to earn their own living, reduce the burden on their families and help them reintegrate into the society, Leping Town Social Work Bureau specially set up a "Dream Home Practice base" integrating practical training and employment.
All the time, SIGLEN Elevator has been highly concerned about the construction and development of vulnerable groups and their service system, hoping to realize the initiative to practice corporate social responsibility, and actively play the positive energy of charity. Therefore, It is a great honor for SIGLEN elevator to be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the "Dream Home Practice Base".
During the activity, the representative of SIGLEN elevator signed the support and blessing for The Dream House on the caring support signature wall, and went to the practice base to buy goods, personally experienced and expressed support for the service project.
"This group needs more social attention, love and support so that they can be shown through their abilities," Ms. Yip Kar-hin, marketing director of Singerlin Elevator, said in an interview with Sanshui TV. SIGLEN Elevator hopes that more disabled people can get new life in the "Dream Home Practice Base", a caring service platform, and realize their life value. Brave to bear the responsibility to offer public welfare, in the future, SIGLEN elevator will continue to contribute more corporate power for public welfare!



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