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Welcome to the first stop of the industrial research tour -- SIGLEN Elevator, Full dry goods for you to send!

In the presence of a number of guests and leaders, The Star Research institute of Sanshui Park industry in Fogao District SIGLEN elevator branch was officially established on June 30. Since its establishment, on July 25, SIGLEN elevator branch museum finally ushered in the first industrial research tourism, the first research team walked into the SIGLEN elevator headquarters.
As one of the 14 star industrial research institutes, SIGLEN elevator branch has become the first destination of this industrial research study tour with modern and beautiful company environment. In order to give the students a wonderful first experience of the industrial research and study tour, SIGLEN elevator has prepared a warm reception.
01 Journey of Knowledge -- Making a first impression
On Saturday morning, the students arrived at the SIGLEN elevator and were guided by the guide and the staff into the video room. They waited for the wonderful beginning of the study tour and couldn't wait to experience the knowledge journey brought by the SIGLEN elevator.
Through the publicity video and the staff's explanation, the students have a certain understanding of the Green elevator. During the interaction, some students even Shared that they were attracted by the concept of SIGLEN active safety, believing that SIGLEN elevator is an enterprise that can take the initiative to ensure the safety quality of elevators.
02 Exhibition Hall journey -- New product experience
The research team came to visit the second stop of their journey, the SIGLEN Elevator Experience Pavilion. Through the experience of SIGLEN elevator car products, the exhibition of world elevator development history and SIGLEN elevator development history, the exhibition of core components and safety components, the teaching of elevators and the popularization of elevator safety knowledge, the research team has a deeper understanding of SIGLEN elevator.
03 Production journey -- Broaden your horizon
Industry research study tour is of course not to visit the production workshop this important link. Zero distance to watch the intelligent production equipment of SIGLEN elevator, understand the production and manufacturing process of SIGLEN elevator products, in the process of industrial staff's explanation, the students listen carefully, feel the unique charm of SIGLEN industrialization.
It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. Nowadays, the study tour has gradually become a craze, it is not only an extracurricular practice, but also an inspiring life, inspiring the on-site teaching meeting. The purpose of this industrial research and study tour is also to let students walk into modern industrial enterprises in Leping and experience the life of enterprises, so as to inspire lofty ideals and have strong educational and practical significance.
On the eve of the end of the activity, Mr. Liu Hui, President of SIGLEN Elevator (China) Co., LTD., was interviewed by Sanshui TV of Foshan TV station, and he extended a warm welcome to the students' research visit. SIGLEN Elevator has always believed that the best way to learn is on the way. This research and study tour will enable students to gain zero-distance, all-round and most authentic learning on elevator manufacturing, elevator structure and safe use, and provide enlightenment for interest cultivation and future major selection.
According to SIGLEN Elevator, research experience is not only the demand of education, but also the responsibility of the society. This is also the original intention of SIGLEN Elevator to promote SIGLEN Branch of industry star Research Institute. We hope that through the joint efforts of government and enterprises, we can actively contribute to the development of Sanshui District.



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