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"Old building plus ladder" sharing session, teach you how to avoid the pit!

Adhering to the core values of co-construction, sharing and win-win, SIGLEN Elevator Business School has opened a new form and its first online sharing meeting has been officially launched. As the first sharing guest, SIGLEN Elevator was lucky to invite li Yuhao, a senior member of the industry, to the live broadcast room. He had a face-to-face conversation with Mo Xiaoding, executive dean of SIGLEN Elevator School of Business, and Shared his years of experience and unique insights on the installation of elevators in the old building.
Li Yuhao, with 5 years of experience in the industry of adding elevators to old buildings, has done 50-60 project cases. In the elevator industry for many years, and then to open up the old building with a new field of elevator, Li Yuhao has accumulated countless valuable experience, which has also stepped on a lot of "pit". Sharing makes people grow up. Today, as the guest of honor, What kind of "old building and elevator experience" did Li Yuhao bring to you?
Xiaoding Mo, Executive Dean of SIGLEN Business School:
What do you think is the difference between an old building with an elevator and an ordinary elevator?
Li Yuhao, Guest of SIGLEN Elevator:
The biggest difference lies in customer communication. The project plan of adding elevators to old buildings can only be determined by integrating laws and regulations, on-site investigation, and the needs of owners. Moreover, the old building is equipped with elevators to face multiple owners, so the communication between customers is more important.
Xiaoding Mo, Executive Dean of SIGLEN Business School:
What does the old building that provides now add to install a dragon to serve to include? What kind of responsible professionals are needed?
Li Yuhao, Guest of SIGLEN Elevator:
One-stop service includes: understanding customer demand -- making preliminary plan -- all owners reach consensus -- preparing documents according to policy requirements, completing plan design, applying to relevant departments for construction and other preliminary work -- organizing construction after planning permit is issued -- building elevator shaft, installing elevator equipment and inspecting.
Team talents include salesmen and construction workers who must be standard. Especially, construction workers play a crucial role in the development of the whole project. They need to control the quality, details and progress of the project.
Xiaoding Mo, Executive Dean of SIGLEN Business School:
What do you think are the difficulties and considerations in the whole process? Can you share something that will help us avoid the potholes you stepped into over the years?
Li Yuhao, Guest of SIGLEN Elevator:
Since the addition of elevators to old buildings is a combination of construction engineering and elevator equipment installation, the construction work and cost are very important, so:
First, cost accounting must be careful. Project budget to be reasonable, not to give low prices for vicious competition. How to avoid the risk brought by cost accounting? In the case that I am not good at it, I can only cooperate with professionals in the construction industry, learn by doing and learn by doing.
Second, in order to avoid conflicts with the owner, all unknown situations must be communicated with the owner in advance. If the cost beyond the budget needs to be increased, it must be discussed in detail with the owner. After project plan and budget are decided, want to confirm by all owner signature, include the document material such as drawing.
Xiaoding Mo, Executive Dean of SIGLEN Business School:
The process of adding elevators to old buildings is complex and tedious, which requires patience and time consuming. It is also difficult to follow up. Will you always stick to it? What are your goals for the future?
Li Yuhao, Guest of SIGLEN Elevator:
It's gonna last forever. Therefore, there is a large market for old buildings to install elevators, and every province, even every county, every town will have a demand. In addition, adding elevators to old buildings can help people. I once conducted a project in which a ladder benefited more than 50 households and more than 300 people, which solved the travel difficulties of many elderly people, which made people feel very proud. In the future, I hope to expand the business area and make it bigger and stronger.
Thank you very much Li Yuhao for bringing us the experience of dry goods. Whether you are a practitioner in the elevator industry, or an old building plus elevator practitioner, or not, we believe that you will benefit a lot from this experience exchange. In order to let more industry people continue to discuss and exchange, SIGLEN elevator also specially established the exchange group, sharing guest Li Yuhao in the group to continue to answer for you, discuss together.
"Grow yourself and empower others" has always been the mission of SIGLEN Elevator Business School. This is the first time for a business school to open a sharing meeting in this form. In the future, I believe there will be more opportunities to continue the dialogue. We hope that in the future, more partners will be able to participate in the exchange, provide us with more views and Suggestions, explore more topics of interest to those in the industry, realize more comprehensive, multi-dimensional and different perspectives of ideas collision, continue the dialogue, and truly achieve joint development, Shared benefits and win-win results!
Today's workshop on installing elevators in old buildings has come to an end. What will the next session of CMG elevator Business School share with you? Check out our subscription "SIGLEN Elevator" and watch our live trailer!



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