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SIGLEN elevator safety by ladder science into Chaozhou!

SIGLEN elevator safety service wanli, aimed to take the initiative to pass the safety elevator knowledge to thousands of families, for several years the pace of the team has never stopped. This time, SIGLEN elevator entered Chaozhou, more than 400 kilometers from the company's headquarters.
On August 6, 2020, SIGLEN elevator, together with its partner Guangdong Shunchi, successfully carried out a safety service wanli activity in Kuiyuan Community, Xiangqiao District, Chaozhou city.
SIGLEN elevator in the village built these buildings equipped with elevator project, in addition to providing high quality safe elevator products, for part of the owner to create the conditions for the safe and convenient travel, the team also specially came to the village, we launched security service tour activities, popularize knowledge of safety by ladder, let the owners to improve the personal consciousness for the safe use of the elevator.
During the activity, the staff of SIGLEN elevator introduced elevator knowledge and emergency handling methods to the owners through on-site q&A, safety manual distribution, prize-winning questions and other forms, and advocated everyone to take the elevator safely and civilized, so as to reduce the occurrence of elevator accidents.
SIGLEN elevator is equipped with elevator demand for owners to provide personalized service zero distance, the scene to provide advisory services buildings equipped with elevators, including interpretation of the procedures, interpret policies and regulations, the relevant matters needing attention, show the elevator equipped with solution, answer each neighborhood adding may encounter all sorts of problems in the process of the elevator, attracted many neighborhood to come to consult.
In the future, SIGLEN elevator will continue to play to the role of the "active safety elevator expert" and the social value of the enterprise, actively provide elevator safety knowledge to the public, extending continuously along the security services for the scope of public welfare activities, continue to cover more different places, realize the real journey, for the elevator safety knowledge contribute to promote active power!



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