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In | 2020 China international elevator exhibition, SIGLEN elevator was once again awarded the honorary title of "elevator enterprise market quality credit A and other user satisfaction enterprises"!

Sponsored by the construction industry productivity promotion center, mechanization research branch of China architectural scientific research institute co., LTD and undertaken by China elevator magazine of "the second China elevator enterprise high quality development BBS and elevator industry market" quality credit rating evaluation results conference on August 19, 2020 at the national convention center (Shanghai) exhibition held in the grand. Mr. Liu Hui, President of Elevator manufacturers in China SIGLEN Elevator (China) Co., LTD., was invited to attend the forum.
At present, there are more than 7 million elevators in China, accounting for about 40 percent of the global elevators. There are 6.5 floors of elevator service in foreign countries and 17 floors of elevator service in China, and the working system is 3.5 times that in foreign countries. In this context, the theme of this forum is "Elevator Installation and Maintenance Quality Improvement", and the results of "Elevator Industry market Quality Credit Rating Evaluation in 2020", which has attracted much attention of the elevator industry, were unveiled at the press conference.
By virtue of its service-oriented concept and outstanding user reputation, SIGLEN elevator stands out among many elevator brands and has won the high recognition of the majority of elevator industry users. It has been awarded the honorary title of "Elevator Enterprise Market Quality credit A and other user satisfaction enterprises" for two consecutive years.
Previously, SIGLEN Elevator has been awarded a number of national and international honorary titles, including:
National top 100 quality and integrity benchmarking enterprises
National product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprises
National quality inspection and stable qualified products
Consumers across the country are satisfied with the brand
National quality reliable unit
International quality service integrity AAA enterprises
Set a good example for the elevator industry service, let SIGLEN become a user reputation of the elevator brand, service brand.
In the field of construction machinery in China, "elevator enterprises market quality credit A user satisfaction" is A national, the authority of the customer satisfaction index evaluation of great honors, to the quality credit willingness, quality assurance ability, market management ability as the evaluation contents and index, and use fair and scientific statistical analysis method, select the advanced standard, the market's high, users reflect the good, and all the indexes are among the best in the same products of the brand of products.
Active service achievements active safety elevator experts. SIGLEN elevator always adhere to the customer-oriented, create high quality, fine service brand image, only for the manufacture of safe and comfortable quality products. This award is the full affirmation of The product service solution and user's public praise of SIGLEN elevator, as well as the recognition of the comprehensive strength of SIGLEN elevator's product quality, after-sales service, brand influence and other enterprises.
One of the important objectives of this forum is to encourage the elevator industry to abide by the market quality credit commitment. Always adhere to the "quality integrity, customer satisfaction" concept SIGLEN elevator is bound to a positive response of the initiative, by a representative of the President, Mr Liu Lin SIGLEN elevator read a letter of commitment, users commitment to the broad masses of the elevator will be SIGLEN elevator products, quality service, give play to the role of "active safety elevator expert", active power contribution to the development of high quality for the elevator industry.
This award is a spur and encouragement to SIGLEN elevator, but also a heavy corporate responsibility. In the future, SIGLEN elevator will continue to adhere to the original heart, continue to move forward, constantly improve the competitiveness and influence of the brand, become the most trustworthy elevator brand.



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