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China elevator magazine was invited to interview on SIGLEN elevator at | 2020 China international elevator exhibition

China International Elevator Expo 2020, officially opened on August 18, is a global elevator industry connection, is a high quality, high level show the world's elevator industry prosperity of the international grand event, is also a global product, technology exchange platform.
During the elevator exhibition, On August 19, Mr. Liu Hui, President of SEGLEN Elevator (China) Co., LTD., was invited to be interviewed by China Elevator Magazine.
For SIGLEN elevator again won the "elevator enterprise market quality credit A customer satisfaction enterprise" honorary title, Manager Liu said that the current development goal of Singulin elevator is "customer satisfaction" as the end point, we will in the future to "exceed customer expectations" as the direction of efforts.
"Product sales are just the beginning, service is the end." In the interview, General Manager Liu indicated that, in terms of the current technological development, the occurrence of elevator trapped people accidents can not be completely eliminated. To solve this problem, Singling elevator successfully developed a new elevator intelligent solution system (referred to as "Easy Go "system), the new system was launched to obtain a good market response, directly addressing the user demand. "Customer satisfaction is the biggest pursuit of SIGLEN Elevator."
In recent years, there have been a lot of topics about the addition of elevators to old buildings. Manager Liu expressed relevant opinions on the prospect of the market for the addition of elevators to old buildings. Manager Liu believed that with the acceleration of urbanization and the increasing policy support for the addition of elevators to old buildings, the size of the market for the addition of elevators to old buildings would continue to expand in the foreseeable years. In view of the development of the old building elevator market, SIGLEN elevator has worked out a full range of solutions according to local conditions, and is committed to creating more perfect elevator solutions tailored for users. At the same time, SIGLEN elevator will also hold offline activities and online live broadcast from time to time to share knowledge and cases related to the installation of elevators in the old building.
Regarding the view of elevator enterprises' social responsibility, Manager Liu responded that different industries have different divisions and missions. As an elevator enterprise, it provides a safe travel tool for the society and should protect the life and safety of users. Therefore, SIGLEN elevator will be positioned as an "active safety elevator expert", using active prevention services, committed to create more safe and comfortable elevator products.
At the same time of the rapid development of the company, SIGLEN elevator also actively play the social value of the enterprise, do not forget to return to the society, adhere to carry out "safety service wanli travel" and other public welfare activities, to bring safety knowledge to thousands of families.



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