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Industry leader! SIGLEN passenger elevator pioneered the "elevator active safety system", which makes passengers more at ease and lifts safer!

At present, with the rapid development of economy, the significant improvement of urbanization level and the widespread popularization of transportation infrastructure, China has not only become the global passenger elevator manufacturing center and the largest elevator market, but also the largest elevator user country, with elevator ownership reaching more than 6.5 million units, ranking first in the world. This means that elevators have become the most intimate and essential means of vertical transportation in People's Daily lives.
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According to incomplete statistics, hundreds of millions of people ride the elevator every day in China, and its safety is of great importance. The frequent occurrence of elevator accidents in recent years has made elevator safety a topic of great concern to the society and the masses. Therefore, how to effectively ensure elevator safety is the most important issue for the industry and enterprises.
At present, the traditional way of 1000kg passenger elevator safety protection is basically "passive" mode, refers to the elevator in the accident or failure, speed limiter, safety clamp, buffer and other safety components after the passive trigger to play a role, protect the safety of passengers in the elevator, and then by the maintenance personnel to solve the problem or maintenance. However, this "passive" mode cannot effectively reduce the occurrence of elevator failures or trapped people, and the maintenance after the failure will also affect the normal use of the elevator and the daily travel of passengers.
Under this background, SIGLEN elevator unique pioneered in elevator industry put forward the concept of "active safety", and rely on the professional research and development center, a strong research team and strong technical strength, successfully developed "the active safety system", subversive to the elevator safety from "passive" become "active", effectively solve the failure problem of the lack of a safety hazard prevention mechanism, has the milestone significance in the field of elevator safety technology innovation.
As a professional elevator manufacturer with profound brand heritage and inheriting industrial spirit, SIGLEN elevator has been committed to creating safer, more reliable and more trustworthy elevators for customers with the guidance of "rigorous, dedicated, scientific and pragmatic" and the r&d philosophy of leading science and technology since its birth. The introduction of the concept of "elevator active safety" and the success of the innovation of "elevator active safety system" have made Singling become one of the leading enterprises in the field of technology, intelligence and intelligent elevator technology.
"Elevator active safety technical system" includes a series of active safety technologies, such as "easy-Go intelligent active solution system" and "intelligent material active obstacle elimination system", which are independently developed by SIGLEN. Based on these technologies, the unique "SIGLEN omni-directional active and passive safety technical system" in the elevator industry is built. Its biggest value and significance lies in the fact that can pass in the system, a series of active safety functions by real-time monitoring, product self-inspection, data analysis and so on, in the lift before the accident, predict the security hidden danger in advance and take the initiative to eliminate hidden dangers, can reduce the occurrence probability of fault movement, reduce the happening of the accident, really improve the safety performance of the elevator, truly nip in the bud.
In fact, in addition to the industry-leading "active safety technology system", Singling more "active safety" concept deeply into the enterprise's bone and blood. "Active manufacturing system" to create the top safety quality with the integration of three production mode; "Active quality Control System" has realized the whole process from workshop production to site installation, meeting the European EN81 safety and quality standards, and has established a national testing platform and innovative testing procedures. "Active service system" integrates the "active" gene into the whole product life cycle service before, during and after sales, takes the initiative of regular return visits, active reminder of maintenance, active reservation of maintenance and other measures, which truly reflects the idea of SIGLEN to think ahead of time for customers and truly serve every customer well.
SIGLEN was not only the first company in the elevator industry to put forward the concept of "active safety", which changed the traditional perception of elevator safety from "passive" to "active". More importantly, through a series of technical innovation and breakthrough of the scientific research achievements, SIGLEN successfully put the theory into reality, "the active safety system" the successful development and popularity of the application, make Lin singh elevator active safety technology of leading enterprises at the same time, also shoulder the elevator safety and collar and breakthrough, contributing to the healthy development of the elevator industry booming of their own power.
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