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SIGLEN Elevator Live || "elevator guardian" to take you to reveal the whole process of SIGLEN elevator maintenance service!

While the market for new elevators is growing, some elevators are getting older. China's elevator use frequency is high, an elevator a day's operation frequency often reached thousands of times, elevator failure occurs from time to time. However, many people in our life ignore that there are a group of people around us who are working silently and on call 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of our elevators. They are the elevator keepers.
In this week's new live broadcast, we approached the elevator maintenance staff of SIGLEN to have a deeper understanding of their work details, and specially invited guest Lijin Liang, the elevator maintenance team leader of SIGLEN, to take us to experience the whole process of SIGLEN elevator maintenance service.
Elevator maintenance service is divided into four stages: semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual maintenance. Different stages of the maintenance of the corresponding project to add items, the annual maintenance is the most comprehensive and perfect. This time we followed in the footsteps of liang Gong and Wan Gong, two maintenance colleagues, to see how the semi-monthly maintenance was carried out at the Site of one of the Projects in Singlin's elevator, The Lifeng Hotel.
First of all, SIGLEN elevator maintenance personnel to come to the property management unit to register, to the elevator safety manager to understand the daily use of the elevator, if there is an abnormal place in the maintenance will also be a key inspection. After arriving at the machine room, elevator information needs to be registered to ensure that there is one hotel elevator.
Computer room check
Maintenance work first station, Liang Gong and ten thousand workers led us to the machine room. Check each item in turn according to the cingling elevator semi-monthly maintenance record.
1. Environment between machine room and pulley: it is necessary to check whether the cleaning is done well, whether the doors and Windows are in good condition and whether the lighting is normal.
2. Manual emergency operation device: Is it complete and placed in the designated position?
3. Driving host: no abnormal vibration and sound during operation.
4. Movement of each pin shaft part of the brake: Whether it is flexible.
5. Brake clearance: ensure that there should be no friction between the brake lining and the brake wheel when opening, and that the clearance value meets the requirements of the manufacturing unit.
6. Self-monitoring when the brake is used as the brake system subsystem of the cage accidentally moving protection device: ensure that the brake force manual detection meets the requirements of the operation and maintenance manual; The braking force self-monitoring system is recorded.
7. Encoder: Clean and ensure firm installation.
8. Pin shaft parts of the speed limiter: check the flexibility of rotation and the normal electrical switch.
9. Emergency electric: Check whether the operation is normal.
Small machine room, there are so many checks to do, Singling Lin elevator in order to ensure everyone safe, comfortable ladder, we do not miss any details.
Its top check
After the machine room inspection project was completed, two maintenance colleagues led us into the well. First, they went to the roof of the car to check other projects.
1. Floor door and car door side device: Are they working normally?
2. Car roof: Is the cleaning done? Is the protective fence safe?
3. Check the car roof maintenance switch and stop device: are they working normally?
4. Check the oil cup for guide boots: whether the oil felt is complete, whether the oil amount is appropriate, and whether the oil cup leaks.
5. Check the weight/balance weight block and its pressing plate: make sure there is no loosening. The pressing plate should be fastened, otherwise the elevator will vibrate during operation.
6. Automatic reset of floor door locks: ensure that the door locks on the floor can be automatically reset after the release of the manual locking device.
7. Check the electrical contacts of floor door locks: ensure cleanliness, good contact, reliable connection, and no less than 7mm engagement length of floor lock locking elements.
Capsules check
1. Car lighting, fan, emergency lighting, car maintenance switch, stop device, car alarm device, intercom system is working normally, also check whether the car display, command button is effective, if there is an IC card system to check whether the system is effective.
2. Anti-collision protection device for car door: including safety contact plate, light screen, photoelectric, etc., check whether these functions are effective.
3. Electrical contacts of car door locks: check cleanliness to ensure good contact and reliable connection.
4. Operation of the car door: ensure that the opening and closing work normally.
5. Car leveling accuracy: check whether it conforms to the standard value.
6. Floor door inspection: check whether the floor station call, floor display is normal and effective, whether the floor door and floor clearance are in place, and finally, the floor door automatic closing device to ensure that each floor is correct.
Check the abyss
Check the bottom pit environment to ensure that it is clean, free from water seepage and accumulation, and that the lighting is normal. Also check the bottom pit stop device to ensure that it is working normally.
After completing all these checks, the maintenance staff reset all the switches to the normal state and run the elevator up and down the whole way to see if it is normal. After completion, the safety manager signs to confirm the maintenance record sheet, in duplicate, both sides keep one copy, and then the maintenance record form will be filed to ensure that one step is achieved.
Personally experienced the semi-monthly maintenance process of SIGLEN elevator, which made us more deeply feel the hardships of "elevator guardian" work. From the professional and meticulous work of maintenance colleagues, we can truly feel the considerate service concept and active service system of SIGLEN Elevator. Singling elevator, strive to create a safe, secure and comfortable elevator environment for our passengers.



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