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Summer welfare, SIGLEN lift heat subsidy surprise!

The dog days of 2020 are coming in the heat of the scorching sun. In the heat of the summer, there are still many lovely and respectable people who have been working hard at their posts. In order to implement the company's heat prevention work, thank all the staff for their hard work, to ensure the good working condition of the staff, SIGLEN elevator launched a series of "summer welfare" activities, with practical actions for the staff to bring cool summer.
1- Beat the heat
At the morning meeting, Ms. Luo Xiaowen, director of SIGLEN Elevator, presided over the theme of "Summer welfare" and Shared with colleagues one by one about SIGLEN elevator's newly launched heat subsidy welfare, so as to effectively deliver the company's summer care in place. In addition, we also publicized the common sense of summer heat prevention and cooling. Relevant posters were also posted in many areas of the factory, hoping to raise the personal awareness of employees to pay attention to high temperature prevention in their work.
2- Call for high temperature subsidies
For heat benefits to be in place, heat allowances must be arranged. In order to carry out the humanistic care through to the end, SIGLEN elevator in June, in accordance with the national regulations, the hot cash allowance to frontline employees will last for a total of five months. This is a positive response to the SIGLEN elevator policy, effectively protect the rights and interests of employees a step.
3- A must for summer relaxation
Sweet and juicy watermelons are certainly on the list for relieving the summer heat and quenching thirst. In the morning meeting, a full weight of the super large watermelons were distributed to the production, electrical, quality and other front-line department representatives. In addition, the staff canteen will provide sugar water and herbal tea to all staff every Monday and Friday, which is very considerate.
4- Freezing summer is a pleasant surprise
Perhaps the most surprising benefit is the company's purchase of a number of new refrigerators in the staff dining room, the production workshop sitting area and the offices on each floor. The ice cream popsicles and cool drinks necessary to fight the heat are neatly laid out for all employees free of charge. On a hot summer day, it can be a quick relief for your colleagues from the hot weather.
The activity of "summer welfare", in response to the slogan of "Active safety elevator expert" of SIGLEN elevator, takes the initiative to consider the seasonal demand of employees step by step, and thus carries out the welfare activity of "heat control and cooling down". Proactive corporate humanistic care creates a company atmosphere that is people-oriented, CARES for employees, and pays attention to safety and health. At the same time, it also reflects the harmonious corporate culture atmosphere of SIGLEN elevator, further enhances the cohesion of the enterprise, greatly stimulates the enthusiasm and work enthusiasm of the staff, and provides a strong guarantee for the operation and management of the enterprise and safe production.



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