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Congratulations to the opening ceremony of star Research Institute of Sanshui Park Industry, Fogao District, SIGLEN Elevator!

On the morning of June 30th, Lu Weibo, deputy director general of environmental Protection Bureau of Leping Town, Sanshui District, led his leadership team to witness the opening ceremony of SIGLEN Elevator branch of Star Research Institute of Sanshui Park industry, Fogao District, and President Liu Huiliu led his delegation to receive him warmly.
Accompanied by President Liu Of SIGLEN, Deputy director Lu Weibo watched SIGLEN corporate image film in the SIGLEN audio-visual hall. The image film not only showed the corporate culture of SIGLEN, but also showed the attitude of excelsior of the product. After watching SIGLEN corporate image film, Lu, deputy director of the SIGLEN elevator has been the efforts and development of praise.
Subsequently, a ceremony was held to open the elevator branch of The Star Research Institute of Sanshui Park Industry in Fogao District. The opening ceremony also means that the government and enterprises will work together to contribute their own strength to the development of Sanshui District. SIGLEN will never forget his original intention and move forward.
After the opening ceremony, deputy director lu line visited SIGLEN elevator experience pavilion, Lin in the boot and SIGLEN, President Lin receptionist answers in the understanding of the historical development of the SIGLEN elevator, the elevator safety components, control cabinet, etc., at the end of the visit to encourage SIGLEN, deputy director Lin lu elevator continue to innovate in the future development of hand in hand advance together, together for sanshui district development.



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