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SIGLEN Activity || work together with special association, safety science into the community

On June 23, 2020, Foshan Special Equipment Association invited SIGLEN Elevator to jointly plan and hold the first science popularization activity of safe elevator into the community. This activity is specially supervised by The Market Supervision Administration of Foshan City. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the elevator use safety publicity and education, improve the public's awareness of safety and civilized elevator use, reduce the hidden danger of accidents, and guarantee the elevator use safety.
The first activity was selected at Denghu community in Guicheng, Nanhai. The activity content not only included science popularization of safety knowledge, but also on-site q&A and VR experience. And so on various forms to convey the content of the safety ladder.
At the beginning of the activity, the person in charge of the activity described the activity process and introduced the participants. In SIGLEN, the elevator manager is teaching the community about elevator safety as well as what to do if the elevator breaks down.
SIGLEN elevator specially set up a question and answer session with prizes, with awards to mobilize the enthusiasm of residents to participate in, can encounter their own problems and what do not understand in this question one by one and by SIGLEN elevator experts to answer.
In the elevator failure, how to save themselves out of danger? In the activity, THE VR video specially prepared in advance will give the residents an immersive experience and give the named people a deeper understanding of the elevator. At the end of the event, SIGLEN maintenance specialists went to the community to check the elevators to make sure they were safe.
As one of the special equipment commonly used in daily life, elevator safety also has an important impact on people. To strengthen their own ladder safety knowledge can not only give self-help when an accident comes, but also to avoid the occurrence of an accident to a certain extent. In the future, SIGLEN will also travel to different communities to continue our safety education and to raise awareness of the importance of escalator rides.



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