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Warm congratulations to The success of Class 01 of SIGLEN Elevator sales Training Camp

The 4-day SIGLEN Elevator sales training camp ended up in SIGLEN elevator headquarters, and the following is a review of the "campus time".
On June 1, 2020, our friends from all over the world met in the class of SIGLEN elevator sales Training camp and started to build a team. In a team, it is not only necessary to have excellent students, but also a captain who can lead the team to win and increase the team stickiness is also an essential key figure. With the fresh emergence of one team after another, the elevator training camp was officially kicked off with the forceful slogan led by the captain one after another.
The lecturer team of our current Sales training camp is also a bright spot. Most of the lecturers are senior leaders in the elevator brand industry, and they are also the outstanding lecturers of the year selected by us. Our team of lecturers is very experienced, ranging from 4 to 31 years, and allows you to ask questions and interact with them face to face at any time.
Of course, this business school training camp is also inseparable from our general director, Dean Mo Xiaoding, lecturer Li Lihuai of the Technology Department, lecturer Xiao Youjun of the Electrical Department, lecturer Liu Huiyun of the Commerce Department and lecturer Ye Jiaxin of the Marketing Department. These senior lecturers gather together with only one purpose, that is, to build a SIGLEN elevator knowledge sharing platform for all of you, so that you can truly realize the values of co-construction, sharing and win-win in the class of our business school training camp, and achieve self-transcendence and breakthrough!
Maybe we have never met before, or maybe we have known each other for a long time before. We would like to take this opportunity to get together on the platform of SIGLEN Sales Training Camp to return to the "campus time" together, and learn the professional knowledge and sales skills of elevator, so as to elevate our professional ability to a higher level. At the same time, the mission of SIGLEN Business School is to grow ourselves and empower others so that each of our students can enhance their self-worth and achieve their goals.
Never too old to learn
From a different perspective, this first training camp of SIGLEN Business School will benefit you a lot from both xiaobai in the elevator sales industry and a veteran salesman who has worked in the elevator industry for more than ten years. Learning never stops on the road of life, and this camp is also targeted at different groups of people to ensure that the content is layered, rich and professional.
The students study very seriously, actively and actively in class. They also actively answer questions in class. If they have any questions, they immediately raise them.
You can ask questions at any time during the course. After the course, we will have a quiz, and our staff will revise and grade the students in real time to see how much they have learned in the course. In the "campus" of SIGLEN elevator sales training camp, we really feel as if we have gone back to the days when we were teenagers working hard and burning the midnight oil just for dreams. Now everyone's hard work is for the sake of the career in the future on a higher level! Lifelong learning is a good habit we always insist on, and building a gas station for lifelong learning is also our vision and direction of our efforts.
It is better to practice on the spot than to say no more
Professional lecturers take you there
Watch the whole process of elevator production in SIGLEN elevator production workshop
We not only learn in class, but also our lecturer who has been engaged in the elevator industry for many years leads the students down to the production workshop and storage workshop of SIGLEN elevator to watch the whole production process of each of our SIGLEN elevator.
The lecturer of the technical department led us to observe and study in the production workshop
Students get on the tower to experience the SIGLEN elevator
A panoramic view of SIGLEN Elevator Co., LTD. From the top of the test tower
Students visit the SIGLEN Elevator Experience Pavilion
Students will personally experience the elevator performance of the pavilion
We carefully compare the differences of each elevator
The Executive Dean of the School of Business introduced the products of the experience Pavilion carefully
In the practical field investigation SIGLEN elevator production workshop and each department's work detail, many students are benefited reflect a deep, after the end of each class we can ask trainees to fill out a satisfaction survey, so the business school training camp in everyone's eyes is how of, let's take a look at the feedback from the students!
The facts show everything, it seems that through this satisfaction questionnaire that everyone for this business school boot camp response is good, small make up to see that you can really learn knowledge from the class of the sales boot camp, very pleased! This also realizes our original intention of holding this training camp, which is to try our best to build a platform for lifelong learning for students. Only sharing can achieve win-win results, and only actual combat is the only standard to test the truth!
Students listen to the lecturer's elevator expertise during the day, and in the evening, they also finish the daily learning summary. The following is the daily summary of some students. Let's have a look at the students' personal experience in the sales training camp of SIGLEN Business School.
Tired of fighting outside, go home and have a look
The SIGLEN elevator welcomes you home
In this SIGLEN Elevator sales training camp beginner class 01, in fact, many students have come to our SIGLEN elevator study and visit before, this visit again, they said that there is a feeling of home. Thus, through the platform of the SIGLEN elevator sales training camp, some students are also back to the arms of SIGLEN again, feel the warmth of coming home again. SIGLEN elevator would like to say sincerely to everyone, whether new students or old students, welcome home! Whatever you struggle in the process of the outside, what difficulties or compromise, or tired, tired heart, SIGLEN Yongyuan will open for you, welcome you back to the SIGLEN in this big family, and SIGLEN elevator when you meet with difficulties will do all we can provide you with help, because SIGLEN has been with you!
Away from the world
A different experience in the countryside will make you forget all your troubles
In this sales training camp of business School, we not only have a special four-day classroom study, a real battle drill in the production workshop, but also a team building activity in the field.
A chopstick is easy to break, a bundle of chopsticks is not easy to break, this is the strength of a team. We prepared the game of Qimei Stick and post post book for you in this research trip, in order to let you understand: in the future work and life, unity is strength, team communication, collaboration and division of labor are the important hub throughout our entire work system.
Students gather in the field to prepare for the game!
Qi Mei stick game
Students complete the game task of taking photos with three lambs
Students take photos with their Portuguese uncle
Students take photos with blueberry Garden aunt
So, the little game of teamwork and communication is over, and it's time to show off our real skills! I didn't expect that our students of this period are all Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon! Many of them are chefs! There are students who have run restaurants before! Haha, you guys have a good time! Let's have a look at some of your friends' culinary creations.
Time is unforgettable all one's life, these days we have active learning classroom, together with the laughter we do warm-up games together, have we communicate with each other with the experience of sales experience, and our comfort working pressure of the wild game experience, alongside the four days we were together in the teammates, later also will be in the elevator industry in a common struggle of comrades. Gratitude in elevator sales training camp SIGLEN met every one of us, your helping each other, be honest, your earnest efforts, warm and kind, all deeply touched me, also infected with SIGLEN elevator every employee, also it is because of your arrival, to make this session of SIGLEN elevator sales training camp and shine!
Group photo of Class 01, Elementary Class of SIGLEN Elevator Sales Training Camp
The trainees of this sales training camp graduated successfully
The study trip has come to a successful end
To celebrate the graduation of Class 01 of SIGLEN Elevator Sales Training Camp
I would like to express my gratitude to all the students I have met in SIGLEN elevator sales training camp. May you have a bright future! No matter how far you go in the future, SIGLEN elevator has always been your shoulder to rely on, to protect you, always applaud for you! The classmates, we river lake good-bye!
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I'm looking forward to the second sales training camp
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