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Dream chaser in the Age of Xin - the first reading sharing party

On April 23, the 25th World Book Day, In order to build a learning enterprise and encourage employees to keep learning, SIGLEN held the "Dream Chinglish Era - the first reading Sharing".
At the sharing meeting, the host will first speak freely with each participant about his or her recent reading experience, learning experience or life. One colleague Shared, "I recently learned a course called time management, and I improved my self-discipline. I have a plan for my daily work, and my work efficiency has been greatly improved."
Then the host Shared the "list revolution", which is simply the work schedule, a bit more complicated is the work plan step table. This sharing helps us realize the importance of making lists, how to get things done consistently, correctly and completely, and how to get rid of the chaos, disorder and confusion of high-speed life.
In the end, the discussion will be conducted in groups to discuss what I have learned from this sharing and what insights I have brought to my life and work.
The first group of employees, based on their own positions, Shared the importance of the equipment list of elevator electricity-related work flow, and it was also good to avoid mistakes at work.
The second group of employees gave a more comprehensive interpretation from the four dimensions of safe production, guarantee of product quality, clear work content and seamless connection between different departments. What help did the list bring to their life and work?
The third group of employees extended the case to how to use the list to improve their work efficiency, which aroused deep resonance among the audience and sustained applause.
At the end of the sharing session, the moderator concluded that details determine success and failure, and lists determine details. I hope everyone can turn the workflow from memory and experience into a visual enforcement action. Reading, not three minutes of blood, is a long-term adhere to things. Therefore, SIGLEN Elevator Business School has also launched a series of personal promotion benefits, encouraging employees to take the initiative to learn in their spare time, really gain new knowledge from reading books, and realize self-growth in reading.



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