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Elevator Structure revealed

The past of Qingming Festival,
Small make up after going to work are always feeling
So many rich in the world why is it not me!
After the emotion is over
Look at your meagre purse,
Or conscientious to set foot on the road to work ~
After last week's live learning, do you have a preliminary understanding of the elevator? So, this period of the site of the trip we came to the production workshop, by the SIGLEN elevator production manager Feng Gong to introduce the SIGLEN elevator manufacturer Xiao Huang, small red, small blue, small long... And other production equipment.
1、Small long blue - main engine test line
As we all know, in the last live broadcast, we introduced the birth of elevator mainframe. So after the main elevator production can be directly put into use? Of course the answer is no! After the manufacture of the main engine, it will enter the small long blue of the SIGLEN elevator, that is, the main engine detection line for noise, vibration, pulsation, withstand voltage, insulation and other related a series of tests. And strictly in accordance with the inspection standards.
(For example, chestnuts) : For example, the vibration should be ≤0.5mm/s; Withstand voltage test (50 hz) to 2112 v / 1 s is standard, normal insulation resistance test to 25 m Ω or higher.
2、Small short blue - rolling line
In the era of industrialization, competition is fierce and cost reduction and efficiency improvement are the problems that every enterprise is studying. Some enterprises choose to reduce allocation, some enterprises choose to reduce expenditure, reduce personnel, and SIGLEN chose to improve the industry. Little Blue is a pair of brothers, each do his own job. Small short blue 1 special production layer door cover, small short blue 2 special production reinforcement. So what's in it for the SIGLEN Elevator? Of course, it increases the efficiency by at least 50% compared to the previous one, reduces the time cost and becomes more productive. Truly achieved the cost reduction effect!
Take a chestnut for example: the rolling line of the door cover is molded once, which reduces three processes of cutting, punching and folding. Take 1000 pieces as an example, it takes more than one day to complete these three processes according to the original way, but it can be completed in about 3 hours after the introduction. Similarly, the reinforcing rib rolling line is the same reason, is also a molding.
3、Red orange yellow green family - thin piece workshop
Every manufacturing company has a thin-parts shop with a different name but a similar process. Big black plate shearing machine, small red groove machine, small black number punch, orange bending machine are also sheet metal production equipment. They are mainly responsible for the production of elevator cars, doors and other external components. However, different from the general enterprise, the difference of each enterprise's thin piece workshop may lie in the different direction of management.
Take a chestnut: some workshops in order to facilitate the operation, the storage of materials to the nearest principle, a lot of raw materials, semi-finished products are on the side of the equipment, stacked in a mess. While some enterprises add some management principles on the basis of the principle of proximity to control the daily operations of employees. And SIGLEN is to work safety, escape safety as the first principle, followed by the principle of proximity. We will make some tools for placing materials on site to facilitate our classification.
4、Rhubarb family - sheet metal automatic production line
Industry 4.0, The Times urge people to progress, but also promote the technological innovation of enterprises. Intelligent robots are also emerging in response to the current tide. The robotic arm has also become the first choice of countless enterprises, whether it is expected to complete the stacking rhubarb family can be completed automatically. Replace manual by machine, control the precision of the door, so that the quality of products more stable. Rhubarb family in the last year after SIGLEN upgrade transformation, optimization of feeding, adhesive, welding, polishing and other actions, from the original manual feeding upgrade to the current automatic feeding, just put the material on the feeding mouth, Rhubarb family can automatically produce finished products.
For example: Before upgrading, SIGLEN took 120 seconds to complete a layer door, but now it only takes 80 seconds. Can greatly enhance the production efficiency of the Big Yellow family is indispensable!
5、Small green - touch welding line
What is touch welding?
The welding machine is resistance welder, it is a welding quality stability, production efficiency is high, easy to achieve mechanization, automation connection method, widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, household appliances and other fields.
With efficiency, the process decomposition can be completed with small green, not only improving the efficiency. On the other hand, it also maintains the environmental sanitation of the site, which greatly improves the health and fire safety of operators
Take chestnuts: there are no chestnuts
6、A Silver - shot blasting machine
Shot blasting machine, generally mainly used in the casting industry cast steel, cast iron surface sand and oxide skin removal. SIGLEN shot blasting machine belongs to the pre-spray process - the equipment for removing rust, after the process. Before the sand is beaten, the oxide skin and the rust are thick. After the sand is beaten, it is shiny and reflective. This is what iron should look like. The fine indentation on the iron surface can increase the adsorption ability of our spraying, which makes the surface paint layer of our products more fine and better anti-rust ability. Sanding machine is to do the raw material surface treatment equipment after surface treatment before powder spraying.
Take for example: What if it's not surface treated?
Without surface treatment, dusting materials will rust in more than 3 years, but after the treatment and then dusting treatment can achieve the effect of 20 years without rust.
Making an elevator depends not only on the efforts of the equipment family, but also on SIGLEN strict control over the materials used to make it. Cingling is also constantly improving the process product line. In the future, there will be more intelligent equipment in SIGLEN production workshop and the production equipment family to produce more and safer elevator products.
Today's production equipment family list has come to an end
Where will we go next?
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