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SIGLEN Business School experience at the beginning of the semester, a number of dry goods for you to check!

It is coming
It is coming
SIGLEN Elevator comes with the SIGLEN School of Business.
There are handsome, knowledgeable, intelligent men here,
And beautiful and eloquent with bright eyes and teeth,
There are countless office skills dry goods limited time to send!
On March 28, 2020, the long-planned and long-awaited SIGLEN School of Business officially opened.
General Manager Liu, President of CINGling, made an inspiring speech.
The appointment ceremony of the management team and the strategic significance of business school
The lecturer's oath once let small xin can not control send a few of the excitement in my mind has been reverberated,
It's like being a young pioneer again!
Curious about the background of our tutor lineup?
Xiao Xin is here to tell you quietly.
Engaged in marketing for many years, created numerous marketing miracles of the devil to teach you marketing two or three things,
Senior HR, tell you the little secrets of the workplace,
There are countless mysterious people from all walks of life to teach you all kinds of professional skills on the spot, really achieve their own things to do!
As a pioneer of live teaching in the elevator industry, you sitting in front of the screen and even you are the historical witness on the journey of Continuous exploration of SIGLEN!
Hey! Don't walk away
Xiao Xin secretly tell you some dry goods content!
If you want to know more, scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code in the following picture to enter the studio. Scan the two-dimensional code in the following picture to enter the studio.
Come and record the good life with Xiao Xin



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