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To fight against the epidemic and protect the safety of elevators, SIGLEN elevator highlights the responsibility of local enterprises

Hospitals are at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic
And every day it carries
Large passenger transport work of the hospital elevator
It becomes a dangerous place for the spread of the virus
SIGLEN as a high sense of social responsibility
Elevator production enterprises
Take the initiative to protect the safety of passengers on the ladder
After the introduction of effective anti-bacterial antivirus elevator products
SIGLEN Elevator took the initiative to contact sanshui District People's Hospital
To provide the elevator disinfection solution
On March 4, 2020 in the morning, in the town party committee yaumcha Peter lee, Lin Yanshan, under the support of manmohan SIGLEN elevator management, such as a line of people with a group of ultraviolet sterilization device and multifunctional purification disinfection fan in sanshui district people's hospital, completed a short donation after the handover, SIGLEN elevator a line installation colleagues immediately into the elevator sterilizing product installation.
In a short morning, a number of elevators with the added function of disinfection and sterilization passed the test and were put into use, which effectively alleviated the shortage of staff and sterilization products in hospitals. The ultraviolet sterilization device can automatically start the sterilization function and maintain for one minute through the sensor when the passenger leaves the elevator, and immediately shut down when the passenger enters the elevator, so as to ensure the safety of the passenger on the elevator.
Multifunctional purification disinfection fan is through to circulation purification of air inside the elevator, the elevator shaft air into the inside of the elevator at the same time to remove the dust in the air (PM2.5) and mold, continue to kill the virus in the air, reduce the probability of being spread in an elevator, at the same time to remove all kinds of smoke, volatile organic compounds and other peculiar smell. Two elevator disinfection and sterilization technologies do not need to stop the elevator disinfection, always keep the elevator car safe purification state, to ensure the safety of patients and front-line medical staff on the elevator.



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