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Hardcore hegemony! Not all "safety blues" can be called "SIGLEN"!

You'll often hear this phrase in an airport:
"Look, the plane!
But recently at wuhan Airport,
You might hear this:
'Look, the SIGLEN Lift!
The SIGLEN elevator is officially launched at Wuhan Airport
Painted in the grey and cold visual space of the airport, the SIGLEN Forest elevator adds a touch of "safety blue" to the hurry-up airport. "To bear the great trust of life and create a better life", you will have a perfect encounter with SIGLEN at Wuhan Airport. Let the warm blue accompany you every journey and escort you to your home.
The advertisement will be promoted as the enterprise strategic behavior, power high-end media, enhance the brand tension, after the previous in the high-speed rail, high-speed full bloom, logged in the top ten airports, SIGLEN elevator strong to create high-altitude network, another wave of strong brand operation!
Heavyweight power high-end media brand layout to a new height
Airport advertising coverage, big traffic, mainly for some high-end, have certain consumption ability, to the brand awareness stronger business travel, and it has been a well-known brand favored by building brand image of high platform, and the airport advertising need to be extremely stringent enterprise qualification, can put in the business industry is bound to have a certain influence.
A bird 's-eye view of SIGLEN(China) headquarters
SIGLEN elevator is positioned as an "active safety elevator expert". With the brand image of professional, intelligent, high-end and safe, SIGLEN elevator has been successfully stationed in 11 airports in China, including Wuhan Airport, which is of extraordinary significance.
This advertisement will be placed in the key position of wuhan Airport with dense traffic flow. With high intensity and continuous brand exposure, SIGLEN will come into your life and accompany you every step of your warm travel.
This is also the commitment and firm belief conveyed by SIGLEN: assume the responsibility and mission of elevator safety initiative. In the future, we will carry out new advertising in succession, so that people have a look at it in a hurry. Since then, we can never forget the warm "SIGLEN safety blue".
Super hardcore! Watch the rhythm of "SIGLEN Safety Blue"!
At the beginning of 2018, The brand image of SIGLEN elevator has been revitalized, and the strategic positioning of SIGLEN Elevator is "active safety elevator expert". The new journey of cingling's brand strategic layout has been fully launched!
On December 17, each core city airport has been "security blue" by SIGLEN screen! SIGLEN elevator brand advertising in the country's top 10 mainstream airports grand debut.
After Beijing Capital International Airport, Qingdao Liuting International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, Fuzhou Changle International Airport, Haikou Meilan International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Xi 'an Xianyang International Airport, Shenyang Xiantao International Airport, another wave of operation.
Wave after wave of orgasm! As a pioneer in the exploration of active elevator safety in China, SIGLEN continues to forge ahead, stands at the starting point of the national publicity platform, and speaks to the outside world with the help of the communication power and influence of CCTV media.
China Central Television (CCTV) has half of the audience in the market, and it has extremely strict auditing standards for advertising. Brand advertising was put on the prime-time broadcast of CCTV Channel (CCTV-) on December 31, which staged an audio-visual feast for 1.3 billion audiences nationwide, and even initiated the concept innovation of "active safety" elevator industry in the industry.
Change the development status of the elevator industry, spread the vision of "creating a better life" has no end, SIGLEN non-stop! At the end of 2018, expressway advertisements went online strongly, and the anti-aircraft ads of Guangshen Yanjiang Expressway and Shenhai Expressway appeared a deep "SIGLEN safety blue".
The owners are bossy! It can be said that within a short year, from the "air, CCTV, land", your advertising has been SIGLEN blue contract.
This is just the beginning, SIGLEN omni-directional, three-dimensional, high frequency communication mode, only to convey the charm of SIGLEN as one of the top ten elevator brands. From the beginning to the end, SIGLEN will not change is, for the product quality itself extreme, strict requirements! Active whole-process care for service!
Not all elevators can be called SIGLEN, superhardcore, for no reason.
SIGLEN Elevator: How important is "active safety"?
Details highlight the power of the professional, the ultimate ingenuity, innovation, people-oriented, is the biggest reason to support the reputation. In the new era, the concept of active safety has entered the elevator industry, and SIGLEN elevator has the innate gene of "active safety".
"Top ten Brands of China's Elevator Industry", "Famous Brand of China", the trust of owners, SIGLEN elevator is worth to own:
The intelligent industrial park covers an area of 73,000 square meters.
The world's advanced elevator whole industrial chain production line,
Its own 106m elevator test tower,
Up to 8m/s high speed elevator.
With nearly 100 r&d engineers around the world,
Accumulated 67 elevator patents,
It has more than 500 service outlets around the world.
Safety is the bottom line, initiative, is to ensure safety and improve the quality of the major commitment made.
SIGLEN believes that the quality of the elevator, to a large extent, determines the quality of people's living.
A house with a good elevator makes it easier to ride, saving travel time and waiting time for home, leaving more time for the people who matter most;
Good elevator with good service, efficient and timely after-sales maintenance so that you enjoy a safe and convenient life.
SIGLEN's inheritance of the Swedish industrial spirit of safe life is also the inheritance of the idea of good and high quality life. Inheriting Sweden's industrial heritage and humanistic spirit, we will never take your great trust!
Active safety is the future of elevator safety! Create a better life, SIGLEN with you all the way!



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