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Unlock four new patents, SIGLEN with strength to speak!

Recently, the active safety of guangdong province engineering research center for intelligent SIGLEN elevator to bear fruit, "a kind of application on the high-speed elevator liang damping device", "a kind of ultra-high speed elevator", "an oval sightseeing elevator" and "an intelligent elevator" four technology obtains the national utility model patent certificate.
The acquisition of the patent marks the improvement of SIGLEN elevator from the aspects of product performance, intelligence and diversification. SIGLEN elevator has the ability to provide customers with quality, safe elevator products.
All the time, SIGLEN elevator attaches great importance to scientific and technological research and development, not only has gathered the world's nearly 100 R & D engineers to continuously research and develop and improve the product technology, but also from Sweden, Italy and other countries to introduce the world's leading elevator equipment, and strive to provide quality elevators for customers. Day after day technological innovation, SIGLEN elevator strive to lead the future development and progress of elevator safety with more innovative technical solutions.
In the future, SIGLEN will further give play to its own advantages, inject vitality into enterprise development with scientific and technological research and development, strengthen core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and make SIGLEN elevator products the first choice trusted by global users.



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