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SIGLEN· Elevator safety service walk ten thousand miles into Foshan characteristic ancient village

On July 19, 2019, the first week of the summer vacation, At the invitation of the project of Children's Home of Gangtou Village Committee of Baini Town, SIGLEN elevator came to Gangtou Village, Foshan Characteristic Ancient village, to carry out the activity of small elevator safety guards, bringing interesting elevator safety knowledge to gangtou children and families.
"Where will we get on the elevator?" "Do you know the right way to ride an elevator?" "What's not to do in an elevator?" Under the guidance of xiao Du, a security guard in SIGLEN, the children carefully read the "safety ladder booklet" with questions, and initially learn the knowledge of safety ladder.
Then, the children participated in the "safety ladder to know how much" and "I am a small security guard" two games.
In the game of "How to Know how to take the passenger ladder safely", The security guards of SIGLEN help the children understand and master the way of taking the passenger ladder safely by guiding the children to see the attention diagram of taking the passenger ladder safely and combining with the way of question and answer.
In the game of "I am a safety guard", the children learn the precautions of taking the escalator by completing the knowledge puzzle of taking the escalator.
After completing the game safely, Sister Du, a security guard in SIGLEN, Shared with children and parents what to do about being trapped in the elevator in a combination of words and pictures.
"I learned not to ride in an elevator in crocs." "I'll remind dad not to smoke in the elevator." "I'm still a little kid, I can't ride the elevator by myself..." Finally, the children Shared their harvest in this activity, they not only mastered the correct way to use the elevator, but also learned the knowledge of safe and civilized escalator.
In the future, SIGLEN elevator will continue to carry out elevator safety service activities, and take the initiative to popularize elevator safety knowledge to the public. We hope that through lectures, games and other forms, so that the public to grasp the safety, civilized elevator knowledge.



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