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SIGLEN and Foshan Quality Inspection Center jointly carried out elevator emergency rescue exercises

In order to improve the ability of elevator safety administrators and personnel on duty to coordinate and command, coordinate linkage and rescue operations in response to elevator emergencies. On July 9, 2019, SIGLEN Elevator and Foshan Quality Inspection Center jointly launched an elevator emergency rescue exercise.
At the event site, the staff of SIGLEN Elevator Engineering Department and the staff of Foshan Quality's Vocational Qualification Training Center simulated the failure scenario where passengers entered the elevator normally and the elevator suddenly stopped when the elevator was running to the 1-2 floors.
After being trapped, passengers immediately used the emergency intercom alarm device in the car to request rescue from the staff on duty. After knowing the specific building number of the trapped passenger and the approximate trapped floor, the staff on duty immediately notified the elevator safety administrator of the unit for emergency rescue, and at the same time dialed the special repair telephone number of SIGLEN elevator maintenance.
After the elevator safety administrator of the Foshan Quality Safety Vocational Qualification Training Center learned about the trapped people in the elevator, Xunsu organized and assisted personnel to go to the malfunctioning elevator for emergency rescue as required.
The elevator safety manager should first evacuate irrelevant persons stranded in the emergency rescue channel as required, use five-party intercom to appease the trapped passengers in the car, understand their emotional and health conditions, and inform the trapped passengers in the car that rescue is being organized. Keep calm.
At the same time, place the maintenance protection fence on the base station floor, confirm the floor where the car is located, and maintain communication with the rescuer in the control cabinet through the intercom, and cooperate with each other to implement rescue.
After successfully rescuing the trapped passengers, the safety management personnel continued to maintain the scene and waited for the arrival of the SIGLEN elevator maintenance personnel.
Finally, the elevator maintenance personnel will troubleshoot the cause of the elevator failure and overhaul the elevator to restore normal operation of the elevator.
This emergency rescue exercise was a complete success. Through summary and technical guidance, the elevator safety administrator's ability to coordinate and command in response to sudden elevator failures was improved. At the same time, the audience can understand the correct way to call for help when trapped in the elevator.
As an active safety elevator expert, SIGLEN always insists on proactively preventive maintenance of elevator safety. Actively improve the comprehensive ability of elevator safety administrators, reduce the rescue time of elevator failures, and add a guarantee for passengers' elevator safe travel.



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