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[SIGLEN · Honor] SIGLEN Elevator was named "Top ten Suppliers of Real Estate Competitiveness in China"

Recently, "Open Direct Connection · Build Quality" 2019 China Real Estate Annual Procurement Summit and the 4th Benchmark Developer and Excellent Supplier Award ceremony was held in Guangzhou. More than 1,000 guests from the upstream and downstream of the real estate supply chain gathered together to discuss the innovation and future of the real estate supply chain!
At the conference site, under the witness of more than 600 real estate purchasing managers, more than 600 suppliers leaders and more than 30 authoritative media, nearly 2000 developers most like to cooperate with the top 10 suppliers list in various industries.
7 days after developers real-name recommendation, network voting, 3.02 million times in 21 big core cities, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, changsha, chengdu, nanjing, urumqi, zhongshan, fuzhou, ningbo, chongqing, tianjin, Qingdao, sanya, haikou, xiamen, wuhan, zhengzhou, xi 'an, invited 600 procurement expert judges, in view of the shortlisted suppliers multi-dimensional real-name, manmohan singh, elevator, Lin with active safety technology innovation, quality products, efficient service and strong comprehensive ability to fall to the ground, Finally, it won the honorary title of "top ten Suppliers of Real estate Competitiveness in China in 2019".
Mo Xiaoding (fourth from the right), vice director of marketing of SIGLEN Elevator, took the stage to accept the award
Through summing up the project cooperation experience with a number of real estate developers, SIGLEN Elevator took the lead in putting forward the concept of "active safety" in the industry, and relying on the professional RESEARCH and development center, strong scientific research team and strong technical strength, successfully developed the "elevator active safety system", greatly improving the safety of elevators. At the same time, SIGLEN elevator to break the tradition, the use of pre-sale service, the "active" gene into the pre-sale, sale, after sale of the whole product life cycle service, through the initiative regular visit, take the initiative to remind the maintenance, take the initiative to reserve the maintenance and other measures, the real service to every customer.
With high quality products and excellent service, SIGLEN elevator has established cooperation with Poly, Tianshan Group, Yiyun Xi City and other real estate. Along with passengers' safety and comfort, SIGLEN elevator creates case projects with high-quality products and efficient and intimate services, which are praised by thousands of owners and become the trusted choice of developers.
The award of "Top ten Chinese Real estate Suppliers' Competitiveness in 2019" is not only a recognition for SIGLEN Elevator in 2019, but also an incentive for 2020. In the future, SIGLEN Elevator will continue to optimize its products, improve its comprehensive strength, actively promote the upstream and downstream of the real estate industry chain to reach friendly cooperation, and help the healthy development of the industry!



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