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[SIGLEN · Dynamic] prevent from not burning, build a security "firewall"!

Safety production is the lifeline of the enterprise. SIGLEN elevator will implement the active safety gene in every link of elevator production. On December 3, SIGLEN Elevator invited pineapple Rescue Team, a well-known professional rescue team in Foshan, to carry out the 2019 fire drill for employees, actively improve the emergency protection and self-rescue and escape ability of SIGLEN elevator employees, and accumulate practical experience in collective evacuation and fire emergency treatment.
With the smoke flare, the emergency plan was launched, and the escape drill officially began.
Fire alarm sounded, all the staff according to the designated evacuation line, orderly emergency evacuation, and the first time to evacuate to the safety zone - the company gate in front of the open space. After two evacuation drills, the SIGLEN family finally finished evacuation, formation and head count in 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Everyone applauded their progress.
In the fire drill, SIGLEN elevator Lin also added "treasure puzzle", will be on how a fire alarm, and how to escape, the use of the dry powder fire extinguishers and fire hydrants used method in the direction of the company production workshop and office building fire hydrant and dry powder fire extinguishers, not only let employees to master more knowledge, but also let people aware of the location of the fire hydrant and dry powder fire extinguishers.
In order to let SIGLEN forest staff can be skilled in the use of fire fighting equipment operations, enhance the ability of self-rescue. This drill joined the fire site practice, so that everyone can really master the fire skills.
In the summary of the drill, it is emphasized that safety is a major event in production, and the drill is to further strengthen the fire safety education of the company's employees and improve their ability to respond to emergencies.
In the end, SIGLEN family signed their names on the banner, to show their determination to give birth safely and respect life.
This drill is a demonstration drill, aiming to constantly improve the staff's awareness of fire safety, so as to keep the alarm bell ringing; At the same time, we should continue to strengthen fire safety education, so as to learn more, exercise more and consolidate more, normalize and institutionalize emergency drills and safety education, and jointly do a good job in fire control and safety management of project construction.



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