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[SIGLEN · Public Welfare] SIGLEN elevator safety service wanli Walk activity into The Pingnan community of Guicheng

On December 14, by the invitation of Foshan Nanhai District Qichuang social work service center, SIGLEN elevator safety service Wanli travel activity team of 5 people came to Guicheng Pingnan community, for the community parent-child family to bring a unique elevator knowledge popularization activity.
With the question of how to take the elevator safely, the children carefully read the booklet "Safe elevator" and looked at the knowledge Shared by the exhibition frame to get a preliminary understanding of the key points of taking the elevator safely.
Interesting "every three catch hand" warm-up game quickly close parent-child family and staff's distance, small security guard komori sister SIGLEN combined with PPT and video, and share the working principle of the elevator first, and then between question and answer, acquire and say the correct way, take note of elevator and trapped elevator should be how to save your most safe by the knowledge of the ladder, also through the way of question and answer, let children and parents are more profound grasp of the knowledge.
In order to increase the interest of the activity and test everyone's knowledge of the safety of the elevator, the SIGLEN elevator safety service wanli activity team also prepared two games: "how much do you know about the safety of the elevator" and "I am a small security guard".
In the game of "How much do you know when taking the passenger ladder safely?", Sister Jiaxin, the security guard of SIGLEN, helps the children to understand and master the way of taking the passenger ladder safely by guiding them to check the notice display chart and combining questions and answers.
In the game of "I am a safety guard", the children learn the precautions of taking the escalator by completing the knowledge puzzle of taking the escalator. In this game, sister Xiaolan, a security guard, also specially increases the task of testing parents by asking children to choose a picture for their parents to find out the corresponding knowledge puzzle.
"Through this activity, the child has mastered the knowledge of taking the elevator safely, especially letting him know it is wrong to run on the elevator. At the same time, we will pay attention to educate him to take the elevator safely in the future." One dad Shared what he learned during the event. The children also Shared their gains: "Don't skip and jump in the elevator", "remind dad not to smoke in the elevator", "don't walk the wrong way in the escalator"...
SIGLEN elevator takes the initiative to spread the knowledge of safe elevator. Since the establishment of the safety service Team, Singhering elevator has actively carried out the popularization activities of safe elevator all over the country. Again safe product also needs everybody to use correctly, only more active, can be more safe. On the way to popularize the knowledge of safe elevator, SIGLEN elevator steps.



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