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[SIGLEN Commonweal] In the name of love, SIGLEN elevator will accompany you to pursue your dreams

Do you know
Somewhere we don't care
There is a group of adults and children of all ages
By nature or nurture
Can't go to school like ordinary people
They can't work like ordinary people
Only many years as a day to and from the Center
Do simple manual tasks over and over again every day
There are few opportunities to meet new people
The days were monotonous
After learning about their situation, SIGLEN elevator decided to support the students of Leping Town Community Health Park center and Yundonghai Street Health Park Center to carry out outdoor development activities in Sanshui Overseas Chinese Xin Ecological Park. Create opportunities for students to meet new friends, build a platform for students to show themselves, for students boring life to add a different color.
Part One Say out loud who I am
Speaking your name out loud in front of strangers can be a challenge for students. Every self-introduction is an opportunity to accumulate experience for the brave of you!
Part Two roles reversed
SIGLEN colleagues simulate the experience of wearing clothes with one hand and walking blindfolded, so as to feel the students' daily life.
"It's very difficult to get dressed with one hand, and now that we only wear one dress, it's definitely more difficult for students to get dressed normally."
"I feel very insecure when walking blindfolded. Even if someone leads me, I still feel afraid. Students should pay attention to safety when going out alone."
SIGLEN colleagues Shared their own experience, which allowed them to better understand the students' plight and encourage and guide them more actively in later games.
Part Three Team Game
Find a teammate & a memory test
Holding your hand and being able to be a teammate with you, SIGLEN colleagues and students are all beaming with joy.
Remember where the 9 colors are and put them in their place in one minute. This is a big challenge! With the help of my teammates, it's a lot easier.
Simple "rock, paper, scissors" game to create opportunities for students to show themselves.
SIGLEN language dance, poetry recitation, singing... Students boldly show themselves, the audience's applause is the biggest encouragement to students.
Hugs, high-fives, handshakes... Trainees and SIGLEN staff encourage each other through simple gestures.
Life is not easy, in this difficult road, have each other's company, for students, is the greatest encouragement.
Work together to build our "hot wheels".
"One, two, one" under the guidance of volunteers and staff, each group of students smoothly turned the "hot wheels" made by concerted efforts. Unity is strength, we are to encourage each other to move forward the strength!
Made new friends, boldly displayed his talent, but also harvested gifts. Get out there and add color to your life.
We know that
This activity doesn't make much of a difference in the students' lives
But we will keep trying
Try to influence the people around you to care for the students
Try to find a suitable position in the company
Hopefully, the students will know
Someone has been watching you
Someone who has been quietly encouraging you
Someone is applauding your progress
There are thorns and flowers on the way to the dream
We would like to accompany you way



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