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Duck! Stagger people mountain and sea, here the Mid-Autumn Festival garden let you wave up!

Before the long long holiday arrives
Let's warm up for the fun reunion fun first
The Mid-Autumn moon is round, how to retain the beautiful time
The Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a festival, but also a rare small holiday
SIGLEN opens a colorful Mid-Autumn Festival paradise
With a crowd of delicious fun good looking games and prizes
Accompany everyone waves from the happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Activity 1: Jump rope with pressure plate
I want to fly in the sky and the sun side by side
I just want to ask my handsome little sister
Where are your feet now?
Activity 2: Turn around and blow up the balloon
First turn on the spot ask you dizzy not dizzy?
Inflating the balloon to test your lung capacity?
Activity 3: Super bowling
What? Bowling!!
Where is it? Let me take a shot.
Haha, don't worry!
Activity four: Newspaper tug-of-war
"PSST -"
You might think, what are we doing?
Oh! We are playing tug-of-war with the newspaper!
Don't bother me, the game is going really well.
Activity 5: "Didi Wave"
Not much more to say
Master in the folk
Activity 6: Guess lantern riddles
Come quickly, beautiful and talented
A star-studded Mid-Autumn Festival
Win a good gift go back to see Jiang Dong father bai!
Activity 7: Barbecue party
It must be nice not to talk too much
I'm going to have dinner la la la la la la!
A wave of SIGLEN on the tongue
Activity 8: Staff birthday party in August/September
Today, today is a shining star
Happy birthday to you all
A: wow! Have you ever seen a cake that pulls out a lottery ticket?
Have Fun at the Mid-Autumn Festival! Through games and competitions, the SIGLEN family learned about Chinese traditional culture, enhanced their friendship with each other, and played a good role in promoting their physical and mental health after work. The SIGLEN Elevator will keep you happy and safe all the way.



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