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SIGLEN elevator was rated as growth value brand

"SIGLEN" adds honor
After get
High-tech enterprise
Customer satisfaction enterprise
Foshan city "specialty special new" recognition certificate
In the elevator industry of "China Dream · Brand Dream" 2019
In the selection of users' preferred brands
The SIGLEN Elevator was successful
"Growth Value Whole Ladder Brand"
The brand selection lasted for more than five months, and a total of 225 brands participated in the competition, with a total of 3934,500 votes, including 3922,588 online votes and 3,716 votes from expert media. Paper questionnaires collected from touring activities in Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Changchun and Jinan and other channels collected 8,196 votes, with more than one million participants, to jointly determine the winners of each award.
To win this award represents the trust and recognition of the majority of users to SIGLEN elevator brand.
In the future
SIGLEN will not forget his original intention
To stick to
"Carrying the great trust of life and creating a better life"
The mission of
To make a safe and comfortable elevator continuous efforts!



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