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[SIGLEN · Reunion] Full of love Mid-Autumn Festival, warm "Xin" home, 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival garden party and family day activities

A Mid-Autumn Festival, a full moon reunion
Time flies
SIGLEN ushered in the Mid-Autumn Festival garden party
This year,
SIGLEN added a family day to the Mid-Autumn Festival for the first time
We invite the SIGLEN family, who have always been behind us, to enjoy this holiday season
Best wishes to my colleagues and family in SIGLEN
First stop, first meeting SIGLEN
A little for you and a little for me
The Singletons used their fingerprints to paint a large tree
Just like the SIGLEN people give little by little
Let SIGLEN grow into a great tree
SIGLEN has taken the initiative to pass on the knowledge of safe ladders, and on such a special day, a wave of knowledge about safe ladders is to be Shared. In the form of videos and pictures, Du helped the family learn how to ride the ladder safely and how to deal with a trapped situation.
Walking into the exhibition hall, you can experience taking the villa elevator, and observe the inner state of the elevator directly by using the teaching elevator.
Climb up to the test tower, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Leping, and the high-speed elevator makes SIGLEN family shout "High-speed elevator, smooth stimulation"!
Second stop, approaching SIGLEN
On the second and third floors of the administration building, I saw the clear, neat, orderly posted Offices of The SIGLEN Forest.
Walking into the production workshop, we are presented with advanced automatic production line, intelligent manipulator, clean and tidy working environment and comfortable rest area.
A good office environment is the best peace of mind for the SIGLEN family. Being close to SIGLEN not only brings the SIGLEN family closer to it, but also increases the sense of belonging among the employees.
Third stop, Impression SIGLEN
Let's take a look at some of the most impressive things the SIGLEN family has learned about SIGLEN. Is it SIGLEN iconic test tower or the robotic arm on an automated production line? Whatever it is, SIGLEN is the most beautiful thing in your heart!
Coming here, the SIGLEN Family Day is drawing to a close.
However, the wonderful still continues!
After receiving the carefully prepared souvenir gift
We had a garden party
PART TWO A Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Party
Playing games, collecting stamps and exchanging gifts are the main features of the garden party. Six challenging games and brain-burning riddles set together, is the combination of mental and physical super big test!
First stop, water fight
See who has a quick reaction
"This colleague, can also let me pour!"
The second stop, playing table tennis
Little lung capacity dare not challenge!
"Take a deep breath and go!"
Third stop, push the can master
A: wow! This player is amazing!
With such good eyesight, he is a good young man to play bowling!
The fourth stop, blindfolded gong
"A little to the left, no, no, no, a little to the right..."
"This colleague, can don't blindly command!"
Fifth stop, best partner
The ball doesn't listen I listen!
You pick me up! We're the best team!
Sixth stop, original vision
Look at the accuracy of our colleagues' pot throwing!
As good as a champion archer!
Seven stop, solve lantern riddles
Xiaobian did not expect, SIGLEN colleagues are all talented people beauty ah!
"Wait a moment, this colleague, leave a lantern riddle to xiaobian!"
Last stop, buffet dinner
With a clear breeze
In the midst of laughter and joy
2019 Mid-Autumn Festival garden Party and Family Day in Singalin has come to a successful conclusion
The wind as the wing
The moonlight to guide
Borrow the breeze bright moon
SIGLEN wishes his customers, partners, colleagues and family
Good things round round! Good dreams!
A happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Full moon reunion!



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