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3.8 goddess festival | has confirmed the eyes and is the person who makes chocolate together

3.8 Goddess Festival limit has been recharged, please use it as soon as possible!
Yesterday was March eighth Women's Day (cross out) goddess Day! Since it is a festival belonging to the goddesses, it must be celebrated! Long before the arrival of the Goddess Festival, SIGLEN has long been for the goddesses to make a romantic and interesting goddess Festival plan! From the beginning of the festival poster, I have seen a lot of attention
Station 1: Receive your own gift from the goddess
At the event, SIGLEN not only prepared romantic bouquets for the goddesses, but also some special flowers, showing a full sense of ceremony.
Station 2: DIY chocolate
After receiving their own goddess festival gifts, the goddesses go to the recreation room to prepare DIY sweet chocolate! The goddesses work hard to make chocolate. Let's take a look at how the goddesses make chocolate
Let's take a look at the works of the goddesses
In addition to the goddess homemade chocolate, there are a variety of fruits, cakes, etc., to ensure that each goddess can have an unforgettable Goddess festival!
Finally, I just want to say one word for the goddesses



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