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Spring Tea SIGLEN held by High-tech Association shows confidence in corporate culture

On March 5, 2019, in order to seek the development of GSI Guangyi and strengthen the communication and connection between enterprises, the "Spring Tea Activity of Foshan Sanshui District High-tech Industry Association" initiated by Foshan High-tech Industry Association was held in SIGLEN Elevator (China) Co., LTD. Zhou Guangsheng, deputy director of Foshan Sanshui District Economic and Technology Promotion Bureau, and heads of all the council units of The Association attended the event to brainpower and seek common development.
SIGLEN industrial park in recent years in sanshui, modern office buildings, perfect supporting facilities, human nature setting gives the feeling of home of employees, and the location, manmohan SIGLEN, a spring reception activities SIGLEN elevator (China) co., LTD., in addition to the SIGLEN elevator (China) co., LTD. Sanshui district, foshan city, is a high and new technology industry association member of the council, SIGLEN industrial park clean and beautiful environment is also an important factor.
Industrial park visit -- To show the hard power of equipment
On the day of spring Tea activity, Mr. Yang Guotian, President of CMG Asia Pacific, and other company leaders were warmly received. First of all, we visited the intelligent production workshop, automatic sheet metal production line, tractor testing line, automatic powder spraying line, national laboratory, Cingling elevator experience Hall, etc., which fully demonstrated the construction achievements and good working atmosphere of SIGLEN Industrial Park.
CMG elevator factory has advanced automatic production equipment at home and abroad, which is one of the most modern production lines in the industry. The advanced equipment equipped in the factory is the foundation of CMG elevator, the hard power of CMG elevator, and an indispensable and important part of CMG enterprise confidence. On a visit to the plant, the members of the association were very interested in the modern equipment of the SIGLEN plant.
Corporate culture sharing -- Show the soft power of culture
After the visit, the group arrived at the conference room. SIGLEN Shared cingling's corporate culture with present members, showing full confidence in the corporate culture.
In sharing during the meeting,SIGLEN staff for all members of the association introduced the development process of the lift, SIGLEN also presenting to you theSIGLEN elevator modern office environment, discusses the social responsibility of the lift, SIGLEN showed singh Lin nabla management organizational structure, etc., the corporate culture management of "three quality management" is one of the key SIGLEN elevator enterprise management culture, refers to implement standardization, standardization, refinement of three management, to ensure that do the product, do, do strong, to provide customers with efficient and quality of products and services. Being strict with oneself is not only a respect for clients, but also for SIGLEN himself.
At the end of the activity, the high-tech Association put forward Suggestions on government employment and policies, and the members of the association also interacted and communicated with each other. Through this activity, SIGLEN hopes to show its modern, advanced, humanized and excellent corporate culture image to more people, to show a more confident cultural atmosphere, and also to communicate with members of the association, to contribute their own strength to the cooperative development of enterprises!



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