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Gold content MAX! SIGLEN elevator was identified as the Engineering technology research Center of Guangdong province by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology

According to the guangdong province department of production, guangdong branch letter word [2018] 2580 date file, relying on the SIGLEN elevator formed "active safety intelligent elevator (SIGLEN) of guangdong province engineering technology research center" (hereinafter referred to as the "engineering centers") by guangdong province.also, marked the official  SIGLEN provincial engineering technology research institute.
According to the statistics, there are as many as 3,105 units in the province, and the overall pass rate is only 36.59%. It is very difficult to pass. The application of "Provincial Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" not only has higher requirements on economic indicators such as enterprise size, but also pays more attention to comprehensive levels such as innovation ability and innovation demonstration function. The applicant should have strong scientific and technological innovation ability in the industry and field, good basic conditions for research and development, carry out research on key generic technologies in the field, have high level of achievement output and transformation, and have strict requirements on the quality of talent team and company management system.
For a long time,SIGLEN elevator notice for smart elevator technology research and development, constantly improve the technology development of hardware facilities, strengthen the management of the technology development, research and development ability further ascension, at the end of 18 but also put forward the concept of "active safety" in the industry, formed in the field of intelligent elevator with independent intellectual property rights of core technology and core products, to enhance the company's technology strength and competition ability.
Engineering center, which is based on SIGLEN elevator , will vigorously promote technological innovation, constantly improve the ability of research and development ability and achievements, research on active safety intelligent elevator inspection technology and standardization work, to ensure the safety of passengers by ladder, to promote the guangdong science and technology innovation, enhance the capacity of sustainable development in guangdong, to accelerate the process of urban construction has important strategic significance.



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