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Super news! SIGLEN elevator by many media great attention reports!

These days, the SIGLEN Elevator is "a good day, a bad day". First, the concept of "active safety elevator", which was put forward in the industry, triggered a "safety upsurge" in the industry. Not long ago, SIGLEN and CCTV signed a contract, landing CCTV and "security blue" screen bully domestic top ten mainstream airports, is the "rising sun" to another climax.
The recent situation of SIGLEN has attracted much attention, which has caused numerous mainstream media such as "toutiao", "sohu", "Tencent", "sina", "" and "netease news" to report.
The media frequently made great efforts to publicize
Sign up for CCTV, land on CCTV
Pingba domestic top 10 mainstream airports
Active safety is the future of elevator safety
Intelligent solution system - decryption elevator security black technology
Explore the elevator active safety system
Many media celebrities are vying to report behind the strength of The SIGLENn enterprise and the high recognition of the nationwide popularity, is the media from all walks of life to the SIGLEN strong support, but also for the "active safety" of the SIGLEN enterprise concept and do the active safety elevator enterprise expectations and affirmation!
SIGLEN believes in the power of brands to bring the concept of "active safety" to the hearts of the people. For SIGLEN, it's safer to be more proactive. Taking the initiative to care for the safety of users in elevators, taking the initiative to take the initiative for the careful consideration of multi-building traffic, and taking the initiative to continuously improve the safety quality of elevators, SIGLEN is committed to becoming a leader in the field of elevator active safety, and bearing the vital trust for quality life.



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