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Warmly welcome Mr. Chen Fengwang, Secretary-General of National Technical Committee of Elevator Standardization, to visit And inspect SIGLEN elevator

At the end of 2018, SIGLEN Elevator appeared in the elevator market as a new brand positioning "active safety elevator expert" and actively promoted it, renewing its brand value and expanding its brand influence.
At the start of 2019,SIGLEN elevator ushered in the elevator technical committee secretary general Mr Chen Fengwang for visiting, accompanied by SIGLEN elevator related leaders, to its patience interpretation of the new brand positioning of "expert of active safety elevator value connotation, led to visit the whole park show SIGLEN development present situation, finally the development of the two sides have active safety technology has carried on the deep discussion, agreed that the active safety is the trend of The Times, the future in the field of elevator safety is important to the swimmer.
During the visit, Chen conducted a detailed investigation on the brand concept, corporate culture, production and operation of SIGLEN elevator, from which he perceived the brand power of SIGLEN elevator as an active safety elevator expert and the strong comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Secretary General Chen highly affirmed The efforts made by SIGLEN for the development of elevator safety initiative and placed high hopes on the future development of SIGLEN elevator.
With the affirmation and expectation of leaders, SIGLEN said that in the future, we will continue to explore the field of elevator active safety, relying on our own strength and advanced intelligent technology, to create a more intelligent safety road, so that safety and a better life together.



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