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Memorabilia! The breakthrough of 2012, 2019 SIGLEN is more worth looking forward to

Time is the touchstone of all things
The 2018 SIGLEN Elevator has a reason to say one word to itself
Live up to time, live up to expectations
Thank all partners for their unwavering support
Thank all the staff for their hard work
The SIGLEN Elevator makes a breakthrough in 2018
It is worth every one of us to savor
Guangdong special equipment testing research visit guidance
In January 2018, with the completion of the new intelligent plant of SIGLEN Elevator, the first group of special investigation group, Foshan Testing Institute, praised the achievements of cingling elevator's rapid development, and had high hopes for its future development.
The 2017 year-end summary meeting was held
At the 2017 year-end summary meeting, SIGLEN elevator jointly summarized the development results of 2017, and set the implementation blueprint for the development strategy of 2018, with precise goals, refined service, deep market and refined sales.
The annual festival was held successfully
On February 3rd, the annual ceremony of SIGLEN Lam was full of stars, and all the SIGLEN family members received joy, affection and honor at the ceremony. I believe that as long as we unite as one, the future of SIGLEN will be even better.
The district government leader shall deliver the visit guidance
At the beginning of the New Year, He Xiaoling, member of the Standing Committee of Sanshui District Committee and Secretary of Leping Town Committee, and staff of Leping Town Safety production supervision and administration bureau visited And gave guidance to SIGLEN elevator, and highly recognized the intelligent manufacturing and high-quality products of Cingling elevator.
A celebration for the opening of the new factory
On March 24th, the long-awaited new Project of SIGLEN elevator was finally unveiled and officially opened for business. The 106-meter postmodern design experiment tower, the new exhibition hall with Nordic industrial style, the international scale intelligent manufacturing workshop and the minimalist and humanistic headquarters office building make SIGLEN Elevator so different from others.
Li Shoulin, President of Elevator Association, visited and gave guidance
During the visit, President Li spoke highly of the modern intelligent building and humanized office of Cingling Elevator, lamented the rapid growth of SIGLEN elevator, and encouraged Cingling elevator to continue to grow bigger and stronger and make positive contributions to the industry.
Release new intelligent solution technology
While elevators have become an indispensable tool in daily life, accidents involving trapped people due to elevator failures are common. As a leader who focuses on safety technology research and development, SIGLEN successfully developed a new intelligent elevator solution system (Easy Go), which promotes the operation safety of elevators to a new level.
The MBA entrepreneur team of Chinese businessmen came to visit and learn
On June 21st, Chinese MBA students organized entrepreneurs to visit and study in The SIGLEN elevator, a benchmark enterprise of artisan spirit. SIGLEN elevator for all entrepreneurs to show the SIGLEN elevator craftsman spirit of understanding and landing, has been highly recognized by entrepreneurs.
Help old building add ladder business
SIGLEN Elevator actively responds to the people's livelihood project of the national government's old building and elevator undertaking. By virtue of the project experience across the country, as well as the original "committee" organization and intelligent solution system, SIGLEN Elevator tailor-made solutions for the old building and elevator, benefiting more social Gospel.
The safety service walks ten thousand miles into Guizhou station
In order to better popularize the knowledge of elevator safety, on July 6, a series of public welfare activities "SIGLEN Elevator goes with you" came to Yinjiang and Jianhe of Guizhou province, bringing a popular science feast of elevator safety knowledge to the residents.
The Parliament Building Engineering Team of Ghana visited and exchanged views
In July, a delegation from the Parliament Building of Ghana paid a visit to SIGLEN, aiming to cooperate with the SIGLEN elevator to build a landmark building in Ghana. The delegation spoke highly of the SIGLEN elevator and believed that there would be broad space for cooperation in the future.
Top 100 listed real estate enterprises - Tianshan Group reached cooperation
In August, With strong core technologies and patents, intelligent innovative active safety system and rich project market practice experience, SIGLEN elevator successfully reached a strategic cooperation with Tianshan Group to provide high-quality solutions for its projects.
Business schools are here for the future
SIGLEN Elevator to restart the business school, to provide a powerful accelerator for the transformation from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a learning, innovative, service-oriented enterprise.
Brand new brand - active safety elevator experts
Based on the gene of Safety industry in Sweden, SIGLEN Elevator focuses on creating a safe life for users with safety elevators, reinterprets elevator safety, and creatively puts forward the positioning of "active safety elevator expert", so as to comprehensively enhance brand value and corporate mission.
The autumn sports meet is in full bloom
On November 24, SIGLEN Elevator held an autumn sports meeting, which enriched the leisure life of employees, promoted the spirit of unity and struggle, and demonstrated the humanistic corporate culture of SIGLEN Elevator.
Top 10 mainstream airports in China
With the release of the new brand strategic positioning, SIGLEN Forest Elevator, together with the country's top ten mainstream airports, achieve all-weather advertising coverage in six regions, accurate delivery of hundreds of millions of passengers, brand influence rapidly improved.
China Central Television signed a strong landing on CCTV
On December 31, SIGLEN elevator took the role of "safety ambassador" of CCTV and released the latest brand advertisement on the PLATFORM of THE United Nations, to spread brand value positioning again and enhance brand awareness. With the help of THE PLATFORM of CCTV, SIGLEN elevator jointly promoted the development of elevator safety and made a perfect end for 2018.
In 2018, we are ready to build a solid foundation
In 2019, we set out again to meet higher challenges
We take the initiative to shoulder with The Times, with customers peer, with the fate of the market
Innovation dare to do, forge ahead, adhere to ingenuity, never forget the original
Unite all the powers to pursue your dreams
Open up a vast future



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