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Transformation new engine New platform SIGLEN Elevator Business School is coming for the future

Bill Gates once said, "Microsoft's most valuable asset is not our buildings, not our chairs, not our computers. It's our people."
Talents are the fundamental resources for the sustainable development of enterprises and the core driving force for enterprise transformation and upgrading. Based on this, SIGLEN launched the elevator starting and singh business school, Lin Lin for singh Lin elevator from the traditional manufacturing enterprises to the transformation of learning, innovative and service-oriented businesses provide powerful accelerators, relying on the abundant resources of smart smart upgrade, for the enterprise in the intelligence in the field of upgrades and management to provide full support.
From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, SIGLEN comprehensively promotes the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, introduces advanced 4.0 standard intelligent manufacturing equipment, and also puts forward higher requirements for manufacturing personnel. The online learning of business school can effectively provide professional operation learning and skill training for manufacturing employees, and the refined and scientific manual management combined with intelligent manufacturing process can accelerate the comprehensive upgrade and transformation of manufacturing intelligence.
From the traditional industry to the new information industry transformation, SIGLEN with the help of the business school platform to master the latest technology, and the enterprise's various functional areas of information connection, complete the integrated network distribution, realize the new construction of the smart factory.
Under the new service thinking, Mr Singh to modern management actively, Lin school for singh forest management innovation management idea, change management idea, provides professional and rich update management way, effectively improve enterprise management ability and management level, managers to seek a long-term development, knowledge provide a solid backing.
Relying on the advantages of the open and inclusive platform of the School of Business, SIGLEN Achieves the iterative optimization of employees' business and management ability quickly, providing the best engine for the transformation and upgrading of SIGLEN Enterprises.
In the future, the platform function of CINGlim business School will not only be limited to the expansion of staff's professional ability and improvement of professional quality, but also become a part of Cinglim culture, the exclusive corporate welfare of every Cinglim, and enrich the spiritual life of all Cinglim.



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