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The main factors to consider when choosing SIGLEN small cheap home elevator

With the development of The Times, the elevator has been popular in life, many villa home began to install household small elevator, now the trend is that the elevator has become the standard configuration of the building, the family with the elderly and children for the purchase of elevator is higher demand.But do not understand the family elevator, the family cheap elevator quote is how much?What is the price range for a cheap home elevator?So what factors should be considered when choosingsmall cheap home elevator?The SIGLEN small cheap home elevator company takes you to find out.


cheap home elevator

No.1, elevator security

When selecting a small elevator, it is very important to master the safety devices and safety equipment of the elevator.Small elevators must be equipped with power supply, emergency call outside telephone system, to ensure the safety of private users by ladder.


No.2, elevator price

The installation of small elevator quotation costs include equipment costs, civil construction costs, installation costs.When custom-made small household elevator, the cost of civil construction and installation is also a fee that can not be ignored.


small cheap home elevator

No.3, elevator civil construction

Different types of elevators have different requirements for civil construction.The traction elevator, which is often seen, needs to occupy a certain well space. The well made of concrete can also be made of steel structure and glass curtain wall to create the sightseeing elevator.Bottom pit depth requirements at least 50cm;The height of the top layer is also regulated.


No.4,  Elevator appearance and operation

As a private customized product used in exquisite villa housing, the household elevator must have higher requirements and pursuit in decoration design.The exterior facade of the well or the frame shape of the sightseeing elevator, the interior decoration of the car, the design of the control face, these aspects will affect the overall style of interior decoration, which should not only meet the personalized needs and match the decoration style, but also take into account the safety and not excessive decoration.


SIGLEN small cheap home elevator company

In summary is the installation of small household elevator to consider factors, for small elevator quotation, many people will say, before so long did not install the elevator also came over, there is no need to spend which money, here small make up can only say early planning early enjoyment, late installation is not only trouble but also ugly.



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