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[SIGLEN · Open] "Make Elevator Safety a Step Closer" SIGLEN Open Day

Of all the seasons, summer is the most passionate season. On August 16, with a sense of mission to pass on elevator safety knowledge, care and care for the future flowers of the motherland, in this summer carrying hope, SIGLEN held the first Open Day, for the children from Leping Village (neighborhood) committee of Leping Town to bring a unique elevator safety journey.
Part One: Learn about elevator safety
With pictures and videos, let the children learn to use the elevator properly, master the knowledge of taking the elevator safely and the correct way to call for help when the elevator is trapped. In addition, SIGLEN intelligent solution system animation also lit up the children's new understanding of the elevator, can not help but exclaiming: "It is indeed a high-tech elevator!" .
Part Two: Experience the safety of the ladder
When they came to The SIGLEN Elevator experience Pavilion, the children took the group as a unit and under the leadership of Sister Jiaxin and sister Tian, they successfully completed the experience of taking the elevator safely and asking for help in the trapped elevator in the form of scenario simulation.
Part Three controls the teaching ladder to understand the operation principle of the elevator
Komori sister by manipulating the elevator teaching, let the children watch directly to the internal structure of the elevator and operates, explain to the children and more intuitive to play on the elevator, take the door, grilled door may cause the elevator shaking, dislocation hall door and the car door and drop shaft under the dangerous situation, raise the children safety by the consciousness of the ladder.
Part Four consolidates my knowledge
Children through participating in the "how much" and "I am a small security guard" two games, consolidate just learned the knowledge of security ladder.
Climb to the top of the Test Tower, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Leping
At last, the children took the high-speed elevator in groups and climbed up the 106-meter-high test tower of Singinglin, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Leping.
"What Impressed me most today was going up to the test tower, the speed of the elevator, the excitement and the beautiful view." Coming to the end of the sharing session, a little girl Shared her most impressive experience. "I learned to ride the elevator safely today, and I have to remind my father not to smoke when riding in the elevator!" Another boy Shared with us what he learned from the event.
After enjoying the delicious fruit, the children set off for home. In the past, SIGLEN through the development of "elevator safety service ten thousand miles" to the elevator safety knowledge to the public. In the future, we will increase the form of Open Day activities, combining knowledge transfer with on-site experience, so that participants can master elevator safety knowledge. To popularize elevator safety knowledge as their own duty, enhance the safety of the public awareness of the ladder, SIGLEN has been working hard!



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