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[SIGLEN · Dynamic] SIGLEN Elevator carries out accident prevention and on-site first aid training activities for the elevator industry

In order to enhance the safety awareness of all employees, and master the basic first-aid knowledge and skills, the accidental injury occurs to save your rescue in a timely and effective manner, minimize the life and property loss, November 25 in the afternoon, SIGLEN elevator invited Lin foshan hospital emergency department before huang, deputy director of the TCM doctor conducted by "elevator industry at the scene of the accident prevention and rescue" as the theme of the first aid training activities. All colleagues from SIGLEN Elevator headquarters attended the training.
In the training, Director Huang explained the operation procedure of CARDIopulmonary resuscitation, matters needing attention and the early recognition and treatment strategy of stroke (stroke). It helps you understand all kinds of first aid knowledge and skills through easy to understand language and clear instruction of first aid steps.
At the scene of the training
Subsequently, under the guidance of Director Huang, we also carried out CPR practice in groups to learn the operation essentials of CARDIopulmonary resuscitation.
Colleagues have said that the learning is easy to understand, such training practical and meaningful. Through this training, the employees of SIGLEN Elevator have mastered the basic first-aid skills, enhanced the awareness of first-aid safety, improved the ability to respond to emergencies and accidental injuries, and provided an important guarantee for safe production.



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