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[SIGLEN · Dynamic] Warm congratulations on the success of 2019 Chinese Businessman ·MBA "SIGLEN Cup" Badminton Association Tournament

On 30 November morning, sponsored by manmohan SIGLEN, elevator named Lin, 2019, Chinese MBA, "SIGLEN cup" badminton biguiyuan friendship tournament held in PuYu badminton hall on the opening ceremony, followed by more than 100 students in the championship battle, swinging the entire school more than 30 classes, hundreds of entrepreneurs gather together and fight for the class, fight for glory, sweat and write the beauty of the movement, the final completion in laughter, sweating, entrepreneurs and friends to the club, with health movement as a communication platform, giving a ring of events.
After the brief opening ceremony, the game officially began. The competition is divided into a number of groups respectively for the round robin and knockout, the final champion of the Asian third runner-up. This competition is based on the men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles events. The athletes are all in high spirits and show their unique skills. The competitions are carried out in a tense and orderly way, showing their style and team spirit.
In the competition, the players are full of vigor and cooperation, giving full play to the tenacious fighting spirit of sports, showing the exquisite badminton skills incisively and vividly. Every wonderful smash moment won the cheers and applause of the audience, and the atmosphere on the scene was very warm.
Struggling to smash
Cooperate with the tacit understanding
He Jiaqi, general secretary of The Foshan Alumni Association of Hua-Shang MBA university, said that no matter the cool and heroic appearance of the athletes on the field, the enthusiastic shouts of the audience off the field, or the thoughtfulness of the support staff, there are all beautiful scenery in this grand event. These precious and beautiful moments, I hope forever in your heart and mine, let's enjoy the game together, keep the wonderful.
SIGLEN elevator has always attached great importance to the physical quality of employees. We hope that through this competition, the badminton athletes can forge ahead in the competition, not afraid of difficulties, tenacious fighting spirit to all the people including SIGLEN elevator employees.



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