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Good news | SIGLEN elevator won the "customer satisfaction enterprise" title

On 23 April, hosted by the construction industry productivity promotion center mechanical equipment branch, China construction science research institute co., LTD. To undertake construction mechanization research branch, China elevator magazine of "the first China elevator BBS high quality development and quality of elevator industry market credit rating evaluation results conference" was held successfully in langfang. Good news came at the meeting, SIGLEN Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "Elevator enterprise market quality credit AA level customer satisfaction enterprise".
Quality safety and integrity is the most basic bottom line, and customer satisfaction should be the highest standard pursued by enterprises. Is understood to be for the implementation of the social credit system construction plan outline (2014-2020) "about" quickening construction of social credit system, to build honest, self-discipline, and trustworthy, mutual trust of the social credit environment "the instruction spirit, the practice of the CPC Central Committee put forward the" new development concept "and" development concept "high quality, boost the elevator enterprise implementation of the supply side, structural reform, and carry out the quality of elevator enterprise market credit rating evaluation work and the determination of customer satisfaction level. It was a gold medal for SIGLEN after a rigorous selection process. At the same time, it also shows that SIGLEN elevator has been recognized by customers in terms of product quality, service care, innovation and development.
Take the initiative to strengthen the detection accuracy and build a perfect quality system
SIGLEN adhere to the quality first, abide by the integrity of the purpose of management, the establishment of a strict quality management system. In the quality control link detection, hundreds of testing procedures, tens of thousands of running tests, meticulous precision standards, product "zero" defect quality, to ensure that each SIGLEN forest elevator is safe and reliable, comfortable operation.
Professional service team, whole-process care
SIGLEN has a professional after-sales service team, led by in elevator industry to establish "a phone call, the principle of two hours, rapid response to customer feedback" for the principle, and the active gene into the whole course service, only to have the true active consciousness to think more, for the customer to do more, can we truly good service to our clients.
Customer-oriented, personalized innovation "customization" era
In recent years, In order to meet the customized needs of customers, SIGLEN elevator provides personalized elevator car decoration software. Customers can present the elevator effect picture in 5 seconds at one point, so that customers can choose their favorite elevator car decoration and improve customer service experience.
Let the world know SIGLEN creation
Customer satisfaction is the ideological realm and height of corporate responsibility, as well as the theme reflected in the enterprise's pursuit of value. This award is not only the full affirmation and trust of SIGLEN Elevator, but also the spur and encouragement, further shaping a good corporate image. At the same time, this is also a heavy responsibility. In the future, SIGLEN will continue to work hard, guard against arrogance and rashness, and base itself on China and the world with better products and services.



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